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Should you do website conversion ads or PPE ads? What are they exactly anyways? In this post I’m going to answer all of these questions! It is really important that you understand the difference between these two if you want to be successful with Drop shipping using Shopify and Aliexpress.


When you create a new campaign, Facebook will ask you for your marketing objective. You have about 10+ options and it is SUPER IMPORTANT that you know exactly what to select. Here is an example below of what I am talking about.

In my business I use two objectives : Conversions & Engagement. It is super important for you to understand the difference between the two and WHEN to use each one of them!

When you select conversions, you will be able to optimize for View content, Add to cart and purchases. If you optimize for view content, Facebook will send you a lot of traffic that is likely to click on your Ad, then go to your website but not necessarily add to cart. If you optimize for add to cart, Facebook will send you traffic that is most likely to add to cart but not purchase. If you optimize for purchase, Facebook will send you traffic that is most likely to make a purchase.

How do Facebook do this? With the Facebook Pixel! The Facebook pixel is a tracking code that you put on your Shopify store (I teach you how to do this in my course) and then Facebook is then able to track EVERYTHING that is going on on your website. If 1000 people viewed your website, Facebook will be able to analyze the date and come to a conclusion regarding to what do all of these people have in common? How old are they? Where do they live? What pages did they like on Facebook? Etc etc…



Same with add to carts and purchases, Facebook will be able to analyze the data and come to a conclusion. The more data that you have, the smarter your pixel becomes and the easier it will be for you to make sales WITHOUT having to do super targeted targeting when you do your ads.

The old school strategy when it comes to getting started with Facebook ads for your Shopify store is this: You want to start optimizing for view content until you have about 25 view content per week (It takes about 25 actions for Facebook to be able to analyze the data), then you want to switch to add to cart until you have about 25 add to cart per week, then you want to switch to purchase. Purchase is where the money is made because ultimately, you want people not to only view the content and not to only add to cart, you want them to BUY SOMETHING!

The main problem with this strategy is you need to spend around $25 to $40 to see if your ad is going to work and make a lot of sales or not. When you think about it, it is quite cheap, BUT THERE IS A BETTER WAY!

This better way is using PPE ads. PPE means Page Post Engagement and this type of ad is optimized to get engagement on your ads. By engagement I means people liking your post, commenting on your post, and people clicking on your post.

Every time I test a new product, I ALWAYS start with a PPE ad. I always do this because these ads are super cheap and they allow me to know if I have a loser and if I should kill the ad.

By spending only $4-$5, I know if the ad has potential and I also know if I have a loser. If I have a loser I kill the ad ( I delete it), which is great because it makes me save a lot of money. If I created a view content ad first, then an add to cart, then a purchase ad in order to know if the ad has potential, I could have lost about $40!

Now let me tell you how to know if your PPE ad was successful or not. The first thing you need to know is to add these metrics in your Facebook reporting: Page Likes, Post Comments, Link Clicks, CPC (Cost Per Link Clicks), Cost Per Post Engagement. You should be able to to see these numbers like in the picture below.

Then after you spent about $5 on your PPE ad, you want to look at the numbers. This is not an exact science, but you should try to have a CPC lower than $1.50, and under $1 would be perfect. The lower the better because it means it doesn’t cost you a lot of money for people to click on your ad. Your Cost Per Post Engagement should be lower than about $25 cents. A low cost per post engagement means you don’t need to spend a lot of money for people to like, comment and click on your ad. It means people like your product and most likely it will see when you optimize for purchase!

Keep this in mind: The CPC is the most important number! Even if people engage a lot with your ad, it doesn’t necessarily mean people are invested enough to actually CLICK on the ad and buy the product. 

Again, if the numbers for your PPE ads are bad, I kill the ad. 90% of the time (and I’ve tested it) even if I create a Add to cart add, then a purchase ad, it won’t sell. I use this PPE ad technique to know without spending a lot of money if I should kill the ad or try to make it work.

If the numbers are good, then what you want to do is to create a campaign and optimize for Add To Cart. At this point you know people are interested in what you are offering, and it is time for you to see if it will sell. Once you reach about 25 add to cart per week, you want to switch to Purchase. **Once you create the add to cart ad, you want to delete your PPE ad**.

With this method, you will SAVE A LOT OF MONEY. You can literally know if you have a loser and if an ad has potential by spending about $4-$5 only!

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