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Wake Up Productive is an amazing program by Eben Pagan that teaches you how to become productive. This is one of the best productivity course out there and you are literally learning from a master because in the world on Online Marketing, Eben Pagan is really a legend.

There are a lot of programs on how to make money online but not a lot on how to be productive. This is quite interesting because without productivity, NONE of these courses will work.

Feeling successful definition:

A feeling of joy, happiness and fulfillment. It is a feeling that you made a difference in other people’s life. There is the inner success and the outer success. Inner success: feelings of joy, happiness and security. Outer success: Being productive, achieving, making things happen, getting results.

Major roadblock to getting success: When you feel like you don’t have control over your life. When you feel like you are controlled by life. You should eliminate multitasking from your life. Doing too many things at once id not a good idea. YOU FEEL like you are being productive but in reality YOU ARE NOT.

Entertainment vs results

guy watching tvWe now life in a society in which people are more concerned about entertainment than results. Most people go watch a movie with the goal of being entertained rather than learning something and becoming a better person. Same thing with the food that people eat. They are more concerned by getting their senses entertained than actually getting good nutrient.

We also live in a society that promotes the magic pill. People want instant results and this is counterproductive because it is a myth. The reality is that you need a system to get success. You need daily rituals that you do everyday in order to become successful.

The main problem is that the short term results of an action and the long term results of an action is often different of each other. For example eating a lot of vegetables is amazingly good for the long term, but for the short term you probably won’t feel like doing it. Another example: going to the gym is good for you long term, but if you are not used to it, you won’t feel like doing it.

Remember this: Life is hard if you live the easy way and life is easy if you live the hard way.

What you have to do is force yourself  to do these things until they become habits. Once they become a habit, you won’t need any mental effort to these things.

Self management

The goal of self management is to narrow your choices when you have too many and generate more of them when you have too few.

You have to be able to focus. All highly productive people are really good at this. They all have the ability to focus all of their mental energy on one thing and then disconnect from it totally.

Multitasking is your enemy. When you multitask, YOU FEEL like you are being productive but in reality you are not. You have to practice not distracting yourself with entertainment and focus on the things that get you results in life.

The 11 principles of personal productivity

  1. Everyone can be productive. You have to realize that with the right structure and habits, everyone can be productive in life. Also, being productive is probably more important than innate talent because without the ability to develop your talent, you will never achieve greatness. For example take Tiger Woods. The guy probably was born with an innate talent, but it is all of his structured practice that made him develop that talent.
  2. Identify your inner talent. Identify what you have a talent for and then practice it over and over again until you become great at it.
  3. Managing time=managing yourself.  You can’t really manage time. Time goes by and there is nothing you can do about it…The only thing you can do is to manage yourself. It’s all about managing yourself but the problem is we act almost like robots. We are creature of habits and we don’t really have much control over what we do. We think we do, but in reality we are controlled by out habits. You wake up you do the exact same thing over and over. You think the same thoughts, you feel the same, and you act the same. Most people deceive themselves into thinking they can change themselves when they want but the reality is that it is MUCH HARDER TO CHANGE THAN WE THINK IT IS.
  4. We have 3 brains. There is the lizard/physical part, the mammal/emotional part, and the logical/human part. The main problem is that we think we are our logical/human part of the brain, but in reality the older brains are the ones that really control us. People think they make rational choices, but the reality is they are just rationalizing their emotional decisions. The 3 brains work well individually but they don’t work well together. This is the reason why you have conflits between the physical part, the emotional part and the logic part. This happens when you feel pulled emotionally towards something but you know you shouldn’t do it. To be productive, you have to lean how to integrate these 3 parts to work together. The older brains are concerned with things like: getting approval from other people, sex, power, getting control over other people, feeling threatened, etc.
  5. Habit is destiny. Habits are what control you. When you do something over and over, it becomes easier to do it or think in a certain way. It builds neuron connections in your brain.
  6. Internal chaos creates external chaos (vice versa). Later in the program you are going to find out how much chaos you have and what to do about it.
  7. Focusing your talents and strengths on your biggest opportunity. There are only a few things that really matters in your life. The key is to focus on these things.
  8. Your future can be either an extension of your past or a new future that you create. You have to let go of your past in order to change. Most people hold to the old stuff (stories, excuses etc…). For example, someone might tell himself that he can’t change because of what happened to him in the past. Focus on what you want instead of what you want to avoid because what you focus on grow.
  9. Choose, don’t decide. Choosing implies that you have multiple options and you choose what you want. Deciding means to cut off possibilities. The main difference between the two is that people that live in the deciding reality live in a world with few choices and possibilities. People in the choosing reality live in a world of abundance and full of choices.
  10. Balance organization with creativity. Where in your life could you be a little more structured and where could you use less structure? Find a balance.
  11. You must go to the next level. You simply cannot solve this problem at the same level of thinking you were at when you created it. You have to become the next version of you. Find a mentor. Find someone who is 5 years ahead of you to teach you how to do it. The solutions will be obvious to them.

Clearing off your mental desk

stressWhat causes you stress, concerns and worries on a consistent basis?

Step 1: Make a list of everything that causes you stress, concerns and worries on a consistent basis. Put a check mark on things that are outside of your control. Put a star on everything that’s within your control.

Step 2: Transfer the things with a star next to it on another piece of paper. These are the things that will make a difference in your life.

Step 3: You need to let go of all the things with a check mark next to them. These things make you less productive in your life and there is nothing you can do about them.

Completing loose ends

Things that are incomplete in your life will suck energy from you. You need completion on these things.

Step 1: Make a list of all the things in your life with which you don’t have completion, where something is incomplete. It could be fights that never completed, a task that you started but never finished, etc).

Step 2: Prioritize this list. Which one of these things robs the most energy from you? Find the 20% from that list that is robbing 80% of your energy and make the choice of either completing them OR completely let them go.

Getting out of the grey zone

Multitasking is not a good idea. When you multitask, you are in a grey zone. You cannot focus 100% of your energy on something if you multitask. We don’t enjoy pure experiences anymore because of this. Where in your life are you living in the grey zone? Emotionally, physically and logically?

Make a list of areas in your life where you are living in the grey zone. Pay attention to how being in the grey zone instead of focusing all of your energy on the task doesn’t help you at all.

If you want to read more on this topic, I highly recommend you to read this article on the book The Power Of Full Engagement!!

Eliminating energy problems

Your life is like an engine and it must be well tuned. Look at your life and find out what are the things that robs your energy.

Most people have a lot of things that robs energy in their life but they are not even aware of it.

1) Make a list of the things that robs your energy mentally, physically and emotionally.

2) Put these things in order. Which ones (20%) of them are responsible for most of the robbing of your energy (80%). Create a plan on how to eliminate these things out of your life. By doing this, you will eliminate the leakages in your energy tank.

Habit Gravity & Escape Velocity

The most important state of mind you could be in is called awareness. With awareness you see things from the perspective of the witness. You see the big picture and how things fit into yourself.

If you actually imagine progress in like like a huge staircase, the next step is always in light. You can see exactly where to go next, what’s the next step, but you cannot see where to go ten steps up the way. It is only when you take the next step that the next step will light up, and so on…It is only when you take the next step properly that you can see the next step and so on…

Use awareness to become aware of what is the next step you need to take in your life in these 3 ares: Physical, emotional and mental.

To take the next step, you need willpower. This is the most valuable and precious form of energy that you have. What you have to realize about willpower is that you only have a finite amount everyday.

A group of researcher actually did an experiment on this. Two groups of people were asked to watch en emotional movie. Group one needed to suppress their emotions and group number two had no restriction. After the movie, both group were asked to do a challenging mental exercise that required a lot of focus. The end results is that the group that were asked to suppress their emotions did much worse because their willpower was used to suppress their emotions. Be careful how you use your willpower everyday.

habitsIt takes about 30 days to cement a habit. You are going to go through 3 phases.

Phase 1:  The first 10 days. In these first 10 days, you will “defy gravity” so it is going to take A LOT OF EFFORT. Your brain is not used to it so it will require A LOT of energy to stay on track.

Phase 2:  Day 11 to 20. This is called resistance. It will be less intense than the first 10 days, but your mind will still resist by giving you excuses.

Phase 3: Day 21 to 30. This is called acclamation. You will start integrating the habit into your life and resistance will slowly go away.

If you know these things and expect them, it will be much easier for you to actually go through all of the 30 days.

87% of the energy in putting a space shuttle in orbit is spent in the first two minutes…It takes A LOT of energy to resist gravity.

The bottom line is that you should use awareness to be aware of the new rituals you need in your life and then use your willpower to make it happen for 30 days until it becomes a habit.

Personal success rituals

What you have to realize is that most of the things you do on a daily basis are unconscious repeated patterns. You literally do the same thing over and over again day after day.

What you want is to add actions with high leverage into your life. Leverage = getting the most possible return on a specific action.

Intentional repetition.  In order to create new rituals into your life, you need intentional repetition.

Mornings: The first things you do in the morning are the HIGHEST leverage activities of your day. What you do in the morning will set the context for the rest of your day. If you eat junk food early in the morning, chances are high that you will eat junk food later in the day also. You will think to yourself : meh, I already ate junk food so who cares. On the other hand, if you ate healthy food all day, when you get a craving for junk food, chances are high that you will say to yourself : Hey, I don’t want to ruin my day by eating this, let’s continue eating high quality food.

What you need is a success ritual in the morning that will set an empowering context for the rest of your day. Eben Pagan takes 90 to 120 minutes first thing in the morning to do his ritual. Here is his ritual:

-Drink half a liter of water

-Heat water (1 liter) and put a few drops of essential oil like peppermint. Inhale steam for 3 minutes then use what’s called a Neti Pot.

-Brush teeth, floss, scrape tongue.

-Exercise 30 minutes.

-5 Minutes meditation.

-5 minutes deep breathing

-Healthy balanced meal + smoothie

The best morning rituals are the ones that incorporate the 3 main aspects of the person: Emotional, physical,  logical.

The inner butterfly effect

The butterfly effect states that small things can lead to much bigger things later one. A butterfly that flops its wings in Hong Kong can create a storm in Washington.

Mental butterfly:  One thought triggers another one, then another one, until you lose control.

Emotional butterfly: An emotion gets triggered by something and that triggers another one, then another one, etc…

You are not in control of what you think. You are controlled by your instincts, by motives that you are not aware of. Multitasking makes this inner butterfly problem worse. The problem is some people are actually addicted to the struggle. Some people are addicted to doing many things at the same time. What they don’t realize is they are less productive because of this.

You Wake up when you start to notice things that used to be habitual. This is what we call awareness. It is only with awareness that you can change.

Make a list of all the triggers that you notice. It might me a thought or a feeling. Take one of these triggers and do this exercise:

-Close your eyes and imagine you are in the situation right before you get that butterfly.

-As the trigger shows up,start to see the event begin to happen very slowly.

-Run through the entire process and see how it triggers you. Notice the complete redirection of your focus.

-Rewind the tape

-Rewind the tape and open your eyes…

-Close your eyes and to the exact same visualization as before but this time when you come to the trigger, wake up and realize that this was a butterfly, a trigger and you are going to stop this. Take a deep breath and let it go slowly. Do this 5 times.

You need to sleep properly. Because of their lack of productivity, most people try to sleep less in order to achieve more. This is a mistake. Most people need at least 7 hours and a half of sleep each night.

Next time you have nothing to do the next day, don’t set an alarm clock and see how long you sleep. If you slept 9-10 hours, you probably need 8 or 8 and a half hours of sleep every night.

Streamline your inner-game for friction free focus

You need to fire what Eben calls the “head of our success-prevention department”.  This part of you is trying to keep things the same way and keep you in your comfort zone. It is preventing you to reach the next level. It causes friction. This part of you is not really trying to prevent success…It  just fears change. What you want to do is to become more conscious of this part of you so you can control it more.

Inner friction. It appears when there are inefficiency in your life. You get friction when parts of you want gratification in different ways. When parts of you are not working as a team, you get friction. Here is an example of friction:

-Physically, you want to eat a particular type of food

-Emotionally, you know that you will feel guilty if you do…

-Logically, you know that if you eat it, you won’t feel good for a few hours.

The trick is to align these parts together. You want to make them work as a team.

When there is a conflict in your life, it burns energy at a higher rate than normal.

Also, friction burns our willpower. Remember, you only have a certain quantity of willpower everyday and every time you are resisting something, you are using willpower.

Ultimately, what you want is your willpower to focus on positive routines and get those things that you want in your life.

How to eliminate inner friction: what you want to do is to make your different brains align and seek after the same goal.  For example what thing you could do is to prepare your meals in advance. This way, you don’t have to think about what to it, you just have to execute. This will eliminate a lot of friction in your life.

You have to also become aware of your values conflicts. If one of your value is to progress and achieve success and another of your value is stability, this will cause a lot of conflict. You have to get these two values to work together. You could for example find the stability that you need in the rituals that you execute everyday in order to grow more and achieve more.

Building your focus muscle

There are facets to focus:

  1. The quantity of focus: It is the ability to focus for a long period of time.
  2. The quality of focus: The thing you are putting your focus on.

Your objective should be to focus for blocks of 50 minutes, with some rest in the middle. This idea comes from Peter Drucker, the author of The Effective Executive. You will achieve way more by focusing on just one thing at the time for a long period of time.

Quality wise, you should focus on activities with high leverage. You have to focus on activities that will bring you lot of results in your life.

60/60/30 solution

The 60/60/30 solution is a new ritual, a new approach to managing your time. Eben Pagan took that from the book The Power Of Full Engagement (Click here to read a summary of this book). The authors of the book argues that our body follows a specific pattern of energy spending and energy renewal and people would be more productive if they followed it.

Most people don’t follow the natural cycle of their body and they try to raise their energy by drinking coffee or taking sugar.

60-60-60 stands for 60 min – 60 min – 30 min. The main idea is to use 60 chunks of time to focus on single tasks and then a 30 minutes chunk for energy renewal. You want to work for around 50 minutes then take a 10 minutes break, then another 50 minutes, then you take a 30 minutes break..If you follow this cycle when you work, you will be much more productive. Most people try to work hours in a row and what happens is they are not productive but they don’t even realize it.

Setting yourself for success and making high leverage a habit

Imagine a pyramid with 4 levels in it. The top of the pyramid is level one and the bottom is level 4.

Level 1: High lifetime value: Exercise, eating healthy, think about new business ideas, building quality relationships, etc

Level 2:High dollar per hour: Creating a new course, finding joint venture partners, recording youtube videos, ect.

Level 3: Low dollar per hour: mostly administrative work…things that could be outsourced easily.

Level 4: Zero or negative dollar per hour: Things that waste our time and that are not good for us, like junk food, gossiping, etc.

What you want to do is to focus on level 1 and level 2 as much as possible, outsource level 3 and eliminate level 4.


This is one of the best productivity programs out there and I highly recommend you to check it out. All of the highly successful people out there are productive. They have good habits in their life and this is why they can achieve that much. If you want to get on that level, you need to understand how to get there and this is what this program is all about.

Please leave a comment below or let me know any questions you have.  I’d love to hear what you think!

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