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Should you use an app to convert the currency of your Shopify store? If you are thinking about getting traffic from a lot of countries, you have probably thought about this in the past…


Using An App To Change The Currency Of Your Store

Is it a good idea to use an App to convert the currency on your Shopify store? I don’t think so, and I’m going to explain to you why…

First of all, don’t even think about using an App like this if you are not even making a few thousands dollars per day on your store…Just in the USA  market alone (I always start by targeting this market) you can make HUGE MONEY. There is no point in trying to sell worldwide (and therefore no point having a currency convertor on your store) if you are not even making a lot of money on your store selling in the US market.

Second of all, most of these apps suck. YES they will convert the currency of your store, BUT, once the person actually proceed with the checkout process, the currency will go back to the original currency. Let me give you an example. Let’s say that your Shopify store currency as of right now is in US dollars. Great. Now what you are trying to do is to use an App that will allow people to shop on your store in THEIR currency. Let’s say this currency is the Canadian dollar….What I am saying is this : People WILL BE ABLE to shop in Canadian dollars, they will see all the prices in Canadian dollars…Even when they add the product to their cart, it will still be in Canadian dollars, BUT, when it is time to actually fill out their informations like their name and address, and to fill out their credit card informations, IT WILL BE IN US DOLLARS. It won’t be in Canadian dollars anymore.

This is where people get confused a lot. Most people think it is possible to use these apps and they think it will convert everything. THEY DON’T. Anyways as I am writing this, I don’t know of ANY APP that allows you to switch currency UNTIL THE END OF THE CHECKOUT PROCESS.

Now, why does it matter? Who cares if on the last page the price is now in US dollars?

It matters because it creates confusion inside of your customer’s mind. THIS IS THE LAST THING THAT YOU WANT.

This is especially true if you run Facebook ads to get traffic and you sell low price items (below $100). Most people that buy on Facebook do what we call an impulse buying. People don’t go on Facebook to buy stuff…They just happen to see your AD, then they decide to buy!

Now when it comes to impulse buying, you want to make it as easy as possible for the person to buy your product. You want to ELIMINATE ANY CONFUSION inside of the potential buyer’s head. As soon as the potential buyer doesn’t trust the website, think it is a scam, find it to complicated to buy, THEY WON’T BUY.

Now if the potential buyer goes on the website, and everything is in Canadian dollars, and then all of a sudden the price switch to US dollars, he will probably find it REALLY WEIRD and a lot of them will simply decide not to buy.

This is why I don’t use these apps.

When it comes to E-commerce, one of the most important thing is trust. People need to trust your website….If they don’t they won’t buy.  A really good way to build trust is CONSISTENCY. You want all your pages to look the same in the checkout process for example. You want your logo on each page, and you want the colors of the pages to be similar each time. If you don’t do that, most people won’t buy….And if on the last page of the checkout process the price suddenly change to another currency, MOST PEOPLE will decide not to buy. Just test it and see for yourself.

Again, there might be an App in the future that will allow us to do that properly, but as I am writing this I don’t know of any app that allows this.

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Please leave a comment below or let me know any questions you have.  I’d love to hear what you think!

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Please leave a comment below or let me know any questions you have.  I’d love to hear what you think!

Please subscribe below to get automatic updates of my latest video blogs:

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