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Do you have to use your own money to do drop shipping? In this blog post I will answer this question!


Drop Shipping using Shopify and Aliexpress is probably the easiest & fastest way to make money online right now.

You can get started with less than $100 and the potential is unlimited….One question a lot of people ask me is whether you have to use your own money to do drop shipping.

Look, here is a graph explaining how drop shipping works.


As you can see, the customer will come on your website and will buy your product. YOU WILL NOW TECHNICALLY HAVE THEIR MONEY. If you use Paypal, the money will be directly in your Paypal account, if you use Shopify payments for example, it will take a few days before this money is in your bank account.

THEN you will go on Aliexpress and you will buy the exact same product but at a much LOWER PRICE. This is where a lot of people get confused. YES, you will have to use YOUR credit card to pay on Aliexpress, BUT you technically already have the money from the client! IF they paid with Paypal the money is already in your account, and if they paid with Shopify payments for example, you will get it in a few days.

You basically have to use YOUR MONEY to make the order on Aliexpress, but at the same time the money from the customer is going directly into your bank account…Understood?

Here is another example. The client comes to my website and buy a shirt for $60 by Paypal. The $60 is deposited directly into my Paypal account. A few hours after, I go to Aliexpress and I buy the exact same shirt for $4, but I put the address of the client so the seller on Aliexpress sends it directly to the client. I will get charged $4 on my credit card….But who cares!? I just made a $56 profit.

This is why I love this business model this much. It is literally like if you were using the money of other people to fund your business!

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