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Someone asked me the question: Why do you only target people in the United States in your ads?

First of all, this is not true! I target other countries too, but it is true that WHEN I’M TESTING A NEW PRODUCT, I always start with United States and I’m going to explain why in this post.


When I’m testing a new ad, I’m ALWAYS starting by targeting the United States only….Why? Well first of all, it is a proven market.

I’m in a lot of different businesses and most of my sales always come from the United States…People have money over there and they buy a lot of stuff from the internet. This is the first reason why I always start with the United States; It is a proven market.

The second reason is that when you do Drop Shipping on Aliexpress, you always want to go with the shipping option EPACKET. If you went through my course I showed you how to do this already and I told you to ONLY go with supplier that offer Epacket in the United States.

Now some supplier offer Epacket in the United States, but not in other countries! You will notice that for some products, Epacket is only available in the United States, but not in Canada, France, Australia, etc. You can’t target these countries if Epacket is not available because Epacket is what you want to have when it comes to shipping.

So these are the two reasons: First, the United States is a proven market so I like to test my products in this market, and the second reason is most of the time Epacket is not available in the other countries or the cost of Epacket is simply too expensive (especially if you do Free + Shipping offers).

Once I tested a product and it is not time to scale though, I will often start targeting other countries in which for this product Epacket is available so that I can reach more people!

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