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Is it a good idea to sell trademarked items on your Shopify store? You’ve probably seen tons of items like this being sold on Facebook…


Selling trademark products on Facebook?

Yes I know…There are a lot of stores out there selling trademarked products and you are probably wondering if it is a good idea to start selling these products also….

The answer to that is no.

You want to stay away from these. The worst that could happen is you get sued by the company and Facebook bans your Ad account. If the company sues you, it could cost you a lot of money and it could put you bankrupt….If Facebook bans your Ad account, it means you won’t be able to run Facebook ads anymore and your business will most likely be destroyed…

Look…If I can give you one advice when it comes to E-commerce and Online marketing in general it is this: Stick with the legal stuff. Don’t try to hack the system, and build a sustainable long term business.

Now you are probably wondering how come you see so many trademarked products on Facebook?

First of all, it doesn’t mean because someone is getting away with it that you should do the same. Who knows, maybe Facebook will ban their Ad account within the next few hours (Facebook is getting WAY more strict when it comes to this). There are A LOT OF PEOPLE GETTING BANNED FROM FACEBOOK EVERY DAY. Don’t think that Facebook is not banning these people, THEY ARE. And they are getting more strict as time goes by.

Second of all, maybe the seller has an agreement with the company that has the trademark. Who knows, maybe what they are doing is totally legal.

But the bottom line is that YOU should stay away from selling these products…


You don’t need to sell these products at ALL. There are so many products out there that it would be impossible for you to test all of them…

Just stick with the products that don’t require a trademark and you WILL BE PERFECTLY FINE. There is PLENTY of money to be made on the legal side of things!

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