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When it comes to scaling your ads in Facebook, is the timing important? Is it better if you do it in the morning versus at night , and why?

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Scaling Facebook ads…Is timing important?

Is there a specific time at which you should scale your ads? The answer to that is a definite YES.

First of all, by scaling, what I mean here and for the purpose of this article is increasing the budget of your Ad. When you do this, you should be aware of THE TIMING OF IT.

First of all, I’m a big believer that you should follow a schedule….For example on Monday you do product research, on Thuesday you import all of these products to your Shopify store, on Wednesday you write the product description, on Thursday you create the ads, etc etc. I’m a big believer in this. You need a structure and you need to be organized. If possible, raise the budget of your ads always at the same time also. I’m not sure if this has been proven somewhere, but it seems to me like when I always do this around the same time, my ads perform better.

Also, and this is super important, THE TIMING is super important. If it is 10:00 pm and you decide to raise your budget by $50 (and you already  spent all the previous budget), you are basically telling Facebook to spend $50 within the next two hours… You have to be AWARE OF THAT.

This is why in my opinion you should always increase your budget early in the morning as much as possible. If you do it at 9:00 am for example, you are telling Facebook that they have 15 hours to spend that budget for that particular day.

A lot of people do this mistake…they raise their budget right before going to bed…So let’s say they raise their budget by $50 and there is only one hour left to spend the money, there is two possible scenarios…Scenario one is that Facebook won’t be able to spend the budget and the person won’t blow the $50 away. The second scenario (and this is what happens most of the time) is that Facebook will show your Ad to junk traffic in order to spend the money quickly.  YOU DON’T WANT THAT!

This is why I always raise my budgets early in the morning! By doing this, it never happens to me that Facebook sends junk traffic in order to spend all my budget for the rest of the day.

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