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Why is your Facebook ad not working? It can be super frustrating to spend money on Facebook ads without making any money….I know because I’ve been there quite a few times. In this video I’m going to tell you a few of the reasons why your ads are not working!


The Reasons Why Your Facebook Ad Is Not Selling

The first thing you need to do in order to become good at Facebook ads, is to become good at READING THE DATA. This is super important; if you are not good at reading the data inside of your Facebook reporting (in business manager), you will NEVER be good at this.

The first thing that you need is a great product. If you don’t have a great product it is going to be really, really hard and almost impossible to sell that product. If people don’t like the product, even if you’re the greatest salesman on planet Earth, people are not going to buy.

A lot of people ask me; how do I know if I found a winner? Trust me, when you find one, you’re going to know! The cost per click is going to be so much lower than all of your other ads. Your cost per post engagement is going to be much lower than all of the other ads. You’re going to make a lot of sales. Trust me, you’re going to know quickly when you have a winner.

The second thing that you need is great targeting especially if you’re just starting out, because at this point your Pixel is not optimized yet. When you are starting a new store with a brand new pixel, IT IS SUPER IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO TARGET THE RIGHT PEOPLE. You have to create SOLID audiences that are super relevant to what you are selling…Remember this: E-commerce is nothing more than putting a great product in front of the right people.

Again, the product is super important…Even if you have the best targeting in the world, if people don’t like the product, IT WON’T SELL.

You need a good product to customer match. You need to put the good product in front of the right person.

You also need great pictures. Even if your product is amazing, the targeting is amazing, etc etc, but the pictures are all blurry…People are not going to buy! You can literally use the pictures from the suppliers on Aliexpress. It doesn’t have to be the pictures from YOUR supplier (the cheapest in most cases)…You can take the pictures from another supplier and put them on your store.

You will also need a convincing Ad COPY. You need to make your ads compelling if you want people to click on it. You don’t have to be the greatest copywriter in the world to make it work, but you need a few skills for sure. What you want is to grab the attention. If you are marketing to dogs lovers. Your headline could be ¨Do You like Dogs?¨…Obviously they are going to say yes in their mind, and this is why it is grabbing their attention. Then you just need to lead them into taking action. ¨ Then you are going to like this, just click on this link¨.

Again, try to grab the attention…Add a few emoticons in your Ad copy to make it stick out. Remember: you are fighting for the attention of your potential buyer! Putting Emoticons will make them look at your ads.

Another big mistake that I see people doing is to NOT put the link of their product in the Ad. DON’T EXPECT PEOPLE TO CLICK ON THE PICTURE, THEY WON’T. You want to put the product link in your ad copy to make it OBVIOUS TO THEM THEY HAVE TO CLICK ON IT. A lot of people will see your product, and they will think IT IS JUST A PICTURE, most of them won’t notice that they can buy it!! This is why you want to make it as obvious as possible.

Another thing that you need is a good AD OBJECTIVE. If you want to make sales, you want to ultimately optimize for website conversion/purchase. If you spend $500 on PPE (page post engagement) ads, you are doing it wrong. The goal of a PPE ad is to have engagement, or to test a product buy judging if the product gets a lot of engagement or not…But you can figure this out by spending about $5, you don’t need to spend $500!

Again, the end goal is to optimize for website conversion/purchase! If you have a brand new store with a brand new pixel, you will want to start by optimizing for Add To Cart, then when you have enough Add To Cart, you will want to switch to Purchase conversion (you want the pixel to optimize properly basically…), or you might want to start with a PPE ad to test the engagement first….BUT AGAIN, THE END GOAL IS TO OPTIMIZE FOR WEBSITE CONVERSION/PURCHASE. You don’t want add to carts, you want SALES.

These days I like to start with a PPE ad to test the engagement. The mindset behind this is that if an AD doesn’t have a lot of engagement after I spend $5, it probably wouldn’t work even if I optimize for Add to cart or purchase. I usually spend $5, then I look at two metircs; The Cost per Click (CPC) and the Cost per Page post engagement (CPPE). If the CPC is below about $1 and the CPPE is below about 10 cents, I usually switch to Add to cart (this is for a new store without much data…if my pixel is super smart i’ll go to purchase conversion straight away).

 Now, we’re going to go into the potential scenarios that could happen when you do an ad.

The first scenario is an ad that gets zero engagement and zero click. When you do a PPE ad, you’re going to see a lot of people are going to like, comment, share with their friends and some people are going to click. If you have no engagement and no clicks, what this means is that you probably have bad targeting. If people are not even liking your post, it’s probably because they don’t even care because it’s really low engagement for them to like an ad and a picture.

Let’s say it’s a T-shirt with a dog on it and you target dogs lover…If your targeting is on point, you are supposed to get a lot a lot of engagement (EVEN IF YOUR PRODUCT SUCK) because these people love dogs so much that as soon as they see a dog, they like the post. Again, even if they have ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTIONS OF BUYING IT, most of them will like the post because they are passionate about dogs. If you don’t even have any engagement and no clicks, it means that your targeting is really bad.

It means that you’re trying to sell something to a group of people that are not interested in your product.

If you have ad engagement but no clicks, for example people are sharing with their friends, they like the post etc etc, but they don’t click at all, it means that probably that you’re targeting is right but they are probably not interested in the product! They are engaging with your ad because  you are targeting the right kind of people, but they are not clicking because they just don’t like your product enough…

It might also be that your ad copy is not good or/and the picture is not good enough, but most of the times it means that they’re just not that interested in the product.

Another scenario is when you have a lot ad engagement and you also have clicks but you have no add to cart…People see your ad, a lot of them are engaging, they like it, they comment, they share, they click on the ad also so they go to your product page but they don’t add it to cart. It means that you have the right audience, it means that you probably have the right product but there is something that makes them not click on add to cart.

It could be that in your ad, you don’t mention the price of the product and then they see the price and they’re like, “Oh, my God. It’s way too expensive”. In that case, you would have to play with the price to see the perfect price to sell this product.

Is it that your product description is really bad? They like the product but they look at the product description and they’re like, “I don’t like it”…Maybe there are too many mistakes in the description, maybe they can see all the pictures now and they don’t like them, etc…Maybe they end up on your website and they notice that it is not professional at all and they lose all trust in you (this happens a lot to be honest). If you are selling a lot of other products though, it means that your website is probably not the problem. In that case I would probably look at my description and potentially lower the price of the product.

Another scenario is if you have a lot of engagement, a lot of clicks, a lot of Add to carts but in the end they don’t buy! What this means is you have the right audience, you have the right product, people go to your product page and they’re like, “Yeah, I like it.” They add to cart, which means that they probably trust your website thus far, they like the pictures in your product page, they like description of your product page because they added the products to cart. They were ready to buy but when it comes the time to fill out the information and everything, they changed their mind. Why?

The number one reason usually is that the shipping is too high. If the shipping is too high, some people are just going to not buy. Your shipping cost needs to be competitive.

Another thing that I see often is a lack of congruency on the add to cart page and on the checkout page.

Once someone add the product to their cart, they then have to fill out their information, enter their credit cart information etc…ALL OF THESE PAGES NEED TO BE CONGRUENT. Put your logo on each one of these pages and make them all look the same.

These are the potential scenarios. The best scenario is when you have a lot of engagement, you have a lot of clicks, you have a lot of add to cart, and people actually buy the products. When you’re at that step, it means that you know what you’re doing, your website works, your product description is great, your ad copy is great, everything is great, and then what you have to do is scale that ad to make as much money as possible.

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