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Should you optimize for add to cart (ATC) or for purchases? Which one is the best and why?


Optimize for add to cart VS purchases

Should you optimize for Add to carts or purchases? If you’ve looked around on the internet, you probably know by now that a lot of people are saying different things about this topic…

Here is how I do it as of right now (things are changing fast in the e-commerce world, so it might change in the future) : If it is a new store with a brand new pixel, I ALWAYS start with Add to cart (ATC)! The pixel is brand new and Facebook doesn’t really know where your buyers are as of right now, so if you go straight to purchases for your optimization, chances are high that it won’t work really well. What you want to do is to start by optimizing to ATC and then when you have about 25-30 of them, you can switch to purchase, FOR THAT PARTICULAR PRODUCT. I say for that particular product because if you want to test a new product, you should start it on ATC also.

With a brand new pixel you basically want to test every single new product on ATC, and let them on ATC until each one of them reach at least 25-30 ATCs. 

You want to do this until you have made AT LEAST 200-300 sales on your store!! At this point, your pixel will be mature enough and you will be able to test products DIRECTLY ON PURCHASE.

This is why a lot of people get confused ; they hear someone say : ¨ Oh I always test my products on Purchase directly ¨  and they start doing it….What they don’t get is THAT PERSON HAS A LOT OF SALES WITH THEIR PIXEL ALREADY!!! THEIR PIXEL IS MATURE.

It totally depends of your pixel. If it is a brand new pixel, start with ATC, but if you have 200-300 sales already you can test all your products on purchase directly!

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