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In this post I’m going to talk about one of the biggest lesson I’ve learned in my life…I’ve never been the same since this day.


One Of The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned In My Life

I want to talk about one of the biggest lesson that I’ve learned in my life. I think everybody once heard the expression that you are the average of the five people you hang out the most with.

We all understand it. It all makes sense. Intellectually, we’re like, “Yeah, yeah, it makes sense. If you’re hanging out with successful people, you’re going to become more like them, successful, et cetera,” but on an emotional level, not a lot of people understand this. I learned that by going to Tony Robbins’s Unleash the Power Within Seminar. I learned that you can understand something intellectually but in your body, you don’t fully understand it.  It changed my life forever.

For example, the quote that you’re the average of the five people that you hang out the most with used to makes sense to me… Every time I heard it, I was like, “Yeah. It makes sense. It’s logic. Makes sense.” I understood it intellectually but emotionally, I was not there yet.

Even with online marketing, a lot of people were like, “Yeah, yeah, it’s possible to make online marketing. I should do it. A lot of people are making money with this. Probably I should start business at some point.”

They understand is intellectually but emotionally, they’re not there yet…True mastery comes from emotional understanding.

Let me give you an example…At some point I was in a Facebook group on how to make money online and some guy asked the question, “Is it possible to make money with dropshipping?”. I saw the question, so I decided to send a screenshot from one of my store. I sent a screenshot of how much that I spent on Facebook ads and the revenue that are generated from that store. I think it was like $2,000 that I spent on Facebook ads and I made like $7,000 on sales on that store and it was half a day. I think it was like 1:00 p.m. or something like that. I send the screenshot and I said to the guy, “Yes It is possible.This is a screenshot from one of my store.”

Then a lot of other started replying to the post… Some guy said, “Nobody cares about your screenshot. We don’t see how much you pay for the products. Maybe you’re losing money from that screenshot.”  I was like, “I agree. There is not much information. I’m not going to tell you my total profit because I’m calculating the total profit the day after and I haven’t calculated that yet. I told him that I calculate my total profit and my ROI the day after, but that on average my ROI on my stores is between 20% to 50%, so if you see that I spent $2000 on Facebook ads, even if my only cost would only be the Facebook ads ($2,000), it will mean that my return on investment will be $1,000 but on top of that I have products to pay. The cost on AliExpress where I’m buying my products from is so low. It was probably like $200 or something. So let’s say that my total cost was like $2 200.

So a total cost of $2 200 with a ROI of 50% would mean a profit of $1 100!!

Anyways, I was trying to explain to the guy that with my average ROI and the amount I spent on Facebook ads, he could see approximately how much money I made, but he simply didn’t get it.  The guy was like, “You’re just a scam. We don’t see your total profit, etc etc”.

I was like, “Dude, I just told you I’m going to calculate it tomorrow. I could give you the number tomorrow but I’m telling you my average, my ROI, my return on investment is 50% so you have how much it cost me on ads, just add like a few hundred for the products and from the ROI, you’re going to know my profit.”

Anyways, I started to argue with this guy and then, it was like three or four or five guys arguing with me.

This discussion laster for like an hour or two…A lot of them sent me private message on Facebook and I was arguing with them in private also.

Then after like two hours, I was like, “What am I doing? What am I doing?” It started with me trying to help a guy by telling him yes, it’s possible to make money with dropshipping…These people that were arguing with me were probably not even making any money online…Even worse, they probably didn’t even have an online business…And there I was trying to convince them and argue with them. I was basically losing my time.

I remember, I was like, “What am I doing? Why am I arguing with these guys?” I’m literally wasting my time. I could do a YouTube video. I could work on one of my stores. I could start a new business. I could go to the gym. I could go out with friends, etc etc. They were probably not even making money and there I was trying to convince them that what I was saying was legit but they will not even believe me. Not only they were not believing me, they were insulting me, telling me that it was a scam, dropshipping doesn’t work, etc.

Basically, at that moment, I was hanging out with unsuccessful people because I was trying to convince them that it was possible but their mindset was so weak that I was spending so much energy on them but it was useless because ultimately, you can’t teach someone if that person is not ready.

There is a saying that says if the student is ready, the teacher is going to appear. That’s true. Even sometimes when you read a book, I’ve read a lot of books in the past and sometimes, I re-read the same book and I’m like, “Wow.” The first time I read the book, I completely missed it. It’s the second time that I read the book that all of the book made sense to me. At first when I read it, I found good advice and everything but the second time I read the book, I was like, “Wow, this book is amazing actually. I learned so much the second time even if I already read the book.”

 It’s only when you’re ready that someone can teach you. These guys in the group, were for the most part not ready mentally. For them, it was like, “Yeah, maybe it’s possible,” but they thought everything was a scam. They were on the defensive and everything…

At this exact moment, I remember I said to myself, “Wow, never again in my life I’m going to waste my time on people like this”. I remember I told myself I’ll never do this again…I won’t because I invest thousands of hours reading biographies, reading books on success, watching documentaries on success, successful people, etc etc, I literally conditioned my brain to think in a successful way…The time and energy I was spending on trying to convince people that were not ready was a total waste of time.

I attended many, many seminars, I spent thousands of dollars on seminars, on courses, etc etc to reach the point that I’m at right now. When I was arguing with these people, I was basically trying to teach them, coach them for free but not only was I wasting my time because these guys were not ready, they were not interested in what I was telling them so I was like trying to coach someone that’s not interested and me coaching them. That’s basically what was going on. I was wasting energy. I was wasting my time. I remember I felt it in my body. I was like, “Wow, I’m never going to do this ever again…”

Before that, I read the quotes that you are the average of the five people you hang out the most with hundreds of times…It made sense LOGICALLY, but now I understood it EMOTIONALLY. I had a deep emotional understanding of this and it changed my life forever.

Now I do something different to influence people. I LET THE PEOPLE THAT ARE READY COME TO ME. When they see my lifestyle, when they see me traveling all around the world, if they are ready THEY WILL COME TO ME. I prefer to publish a Youtube video explaining something and let people find it than going in Facebook groups and trying to argue with people that are not ready. This totally changed my life.

What you should do is invest in yourself and stop hanging out with unsuccessful people. They’re going to drag you down. I remember on that day, when I was arguing with these guys, I had a really good day. I was making a lot of money. Everything was doing great but I started to argue with them and even in my body, I started to feel bad. I could feel their negative energy inside of me. They were dragging me down.

Hang out with successful people. Forget about the rest. 

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