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How much money does someone need to get started with Drop shipping using Shopify? The good news is the answer is…Not a lot! In fact, I started with less than $100 and I know plenty of people that did the same. It is one of the easiest and fastest way to get started online!


Getting started with drop shipping using Shopify is one of the easiest thing ever.

First of all you will need a Shopify Account. Click Here for a discounted price.

First of all, let me tell you I tried multiple methods to make money online in the past, and as of right now, drop shipping using Shopify is by far the the easiest and the fastest. You can also get started with almost nothing.

Here is how drop shipping works: 

The customer will go on your Shopify store and buy an item. You will now have the money from the customer…You will then go on Aliexpress to buy that exact same product but for a MUCH LOWER PRICE.

Let’s say you sell the product for $100 on your website and you buy the same product for $4 on Aliexpress…Well the difference between the two ($96) will be your profit. On aliexpress, you will then enter the address of the customer so that the Aliexpress seller sends the product directly to the customer…Voila, this is how it is done.

Now as you can see, the products on Aliexpress ARE SUPER CHEAP. You can make A LOT OF MONEY WITH THIS.

Now when it comes to how much money you need to get started, here is the deal. In the end it all depends to HOW FAST YOU BUILD your Shopify store, and HOW MUCH YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

You get two weeks for free when you sign up to Shopify (Click here to sign up now). 

Then let’s say you follow a good step-by-step course that teaches you how to do everything from building your store, how to set up everything on your store, how to do Facebook ads, etc etc….I have one by the way 😉 Click here to see it! 🙂 Basically if you know what to do and you do it fast, you can literally start making money with this within ONE WEEK. This is how fast it can go.

Then people will start buying stuff on your store, and the only thing you have to do is to fulfill these orders and scale your ads so you make more sales!! I use Dropify when it comes to fulfill my orders. I just have to click on a bottom and it fulfills my orders in 5 seconds.

As I’m telling you, it all comes down to how fast you build your Shopify store and how much you know what you are doing. If you know what you are doing, you can start a profitable Drop shipping business with less than $100!!! Then you will only have to re-invest your profit into your business and make it grow from there. There is literally no limit to how much you can scale this thing!

How many business model do you know in which you can build a six figures business with less than $100 in a few months only? Probably zero. This is the power of the internet and especially the power of drop shipping.

Look, I used to sell on Amazon FBA. EVERY TIME I wanted to test a new product, I had to spend about $1000. First you have to buy the inventory, then you have to ship it to the Amazon warehouse….Then you have to make sure you rank well on Amazon for your keyword so you have to give a huge discount on a lot of units until you rank well…Which means you probably will have to order more units and it will cost more than $1000….And this is JUST TO TEST ONE PRODUCT. Oh, and it takes about one month until your new product is up for sale because of the shipping time, etc.

Now with Drop shipping using Shopify, I can test a product with less than $20, and it takes me about 10 minutes to set up everything.

$1000 and one month before you know if you have a good product versus less than $20 and 10 minutes…Which one do you prefer?

Also, the margins on Amazon FBA SUCKS THESE DAYS. There is so much competition it is crazy and the Amazon FBA fees keep going up…Whereas on some of my Shopify store I sell products for $100 and I buy them at $4 on Aliexpress… These are amazing margins…Trust me, nobody is making these kinds of margins on Amazon FBA.

Drop shipping using Shopify and Aliexpress is by far the EASIEST & FASTEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE RIGHT NOW. You can also get started with less than $100.

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 E-commerce University is a step-by-step video training course that walks you through everything. The students in it are making a lot of money and the reviews are amazing.

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You will learn EVERYTHING you need to know to be successful with e-commerce/dropshipping in this program. I leave nothing out and I am 100% transparent! I share with you exactly what I do with my stores, and even how to scale this business by automating and outsourcing the whole process by hiring virtual assistants! You will learn how to pick a good niche, good products,how to do Facebook ads, Instagram ads, advanced promotions strategies and much much more. This is the exact system I used on all of my stores.

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