Six Figure Internet Marketer Reveals His Step-By-Step System For Earning Passive Income With Kindle Publishing On Autopilot!

Even If You're A Total Newbie & You're ¨Tech Challenged!¨

Does This apply to you…?

“I can’t stand my current job…I need to make a full time income online now!”

“I am confused where to start exactly because there is too much to learn”

“I bought a few courses but it didn’t work for me”

“I don’t know how to build websites and I am not really good with computers”

“I want to make passive income quickly”

Attention: If you answered YES to any of these questions and you are ready to take action and start making money in the NEXT 5 MINUTES, then this is probably the most important message you will ever read!

Money Making Kindle Program

From The Laptop Of: Max Valmont
(Six figure Internet Entrepreneur)

Subject: How YOU can make money with Kindle TODAY

Hi! I’d like for you to know up front that I’m not an Internet Guru…I am not really good with computers…And not a marketing genius.

First of all, I’ll admit that I don’t expect you to believe a single word I say.

How many times a day are you BOMBARDED with “get-rich-quick” schemes on the Internet?

If you are like me, you probably get a new promise of instant wealth every day in your e-mail and you also probably tried a few of them and been left with nothing but a hole in your pocket!

..I’ve got great news for you.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I discovered a way to make you rich…or that by investing in my program, you’ll make money just by sitting on your couch and watch TV.

Why would anyone insult you by thinking you are stupid?

But I will tell you this: You can cash in your share of all the money that’s being made RIGHT NOW all over the internet. I’m even going to show you exactly how to do it. In fact, I’ll personally help you make passive income online and quit your boring job.

This is a Step-By-Step program that teaches you EVERYTHING there is to learn about how to make Money with Kindle Books AND and I teach you how to outsource EVERYTHING

Here’s how you do it:

By selling simple kindle e-books that you are not even writing yourself ( you could if you wanted to), even while you’re enjoying ultimate freedom by spending your time the way you really want to.

The best part in all of this? You don’t have to be creative at ALL. I had terrible grades in English class…Even worse; English is not even my first language!

A few years ago, I woke up and realized that I was broke…
I graduated university not so long ago in finance and I was working as a real estate consultant.

My ultimate dream was to become a really rich and powerful real estate developer like Donald Trump. By learning everything about real estate, I could then buy lots of buildings and even start my own real estate development projects.

…Boy was I wrong. Not only was I $40 000 in student and credit card debt because university is so damn expensive, but on top of that the first job I got was only paying $27 000!

I quickly realized that a salary of $27 000 was really not enough to buy real estate. In fact, it was not even enough to pay all the debts that I had.

My dreams were crushed and I became depressed…I then started to find ways to make passive income online. I went on the internet, bought a few courses and tried a few different systems.

The problem was that most of these systems required me to build a website and at that time I had ZERO technical skills. Even the systems that required no technical skills did not work for me and most my friends…

I was about to give up when the idea to write a Kindle e-book came to me. To my surprise, it worked! I then spent the next few months learning ANYTHING about the Amazon Kindle business.

I was literally obsessed with this…
I spent countless nights researching everything on the internet and even developing new techniques to become a master at making tons of money with kindle ebooks.

When I quit my job because I was making more money with my ebooks than what I was making in finance, my friends asked me how I did it and I taught them my techniques. And you know what? They started to make money also!

They urged me to create a system where I show step-by-step how make money with kindle ebooks and this is why I created this system, Money Making Kindle, and I want to show it to you.

The best part, I did it without even writing these books myself. English is not even my first language (I’m French)…

There are a lot of great writers out there who are out of work and will write great books for next to nothing! They is knowing where exactly to find them 😉

The best part is that I now have taken everything I learned during all the research that I’ve done and I put it into a simple system that you can use right now to finally make a few thousands per month in as little as 90 days, without even writing one book yourself, and the best part is that I personally guarantee that it will work for you..

“Money Making Kindle” is a step-by-step video program that will take you from where you are right now, regardless of your internet marketing expertise- to thousands of dollars per month. After going through the videos, you will know absolutely everything you need to know in order to be highly successful in the kindle publishing business.

Here’s Exactly What You Get And Why It Will Make You Money…

How to outsource EVERYTHING so you don’t even need to write the books yourself

How to easily find a profitable niche with extremely low competition (Used by all the best-selling authors for centuries). I show you step-by-step how to do this.

✓ Exactly how to make a killing selling BOTH fiction and non-fiction (the strategies for each one are completely different).

✓ The sneaky little secret best-selling authors use to select a category for their book (Don’t even think about making money with kindle without knowing this)

Step-by-step how best-selling authors do their keywords research (You’ll be amazed how efficient these techniques are)

How to create a title and cover that sells like Apple products. (People DO judge a book by its cover. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to outsource this)

✓ Step-by-step how to create a passive income producing Kindle e-book and publish it at the speed of light. (You’ll be surprised how efficient and effortless these methods are. You could do this even if you do not speak English!)

Cutting edge methods to promote your book that struggling Authors WISHED they knew (These guerilla marketing strategies will sky-rocket your earnings!)

✓ Sneaky techniques to help you get tons of positive reviews on your kindle e-books. (This way you can make even more money, quicker)

✓ Step-by-step how to successfully market your Kindle e-books so they become best-sellers using the KDP platform. (There are A LOT of different techniques that you can use to massively increase your earnings)

✓ Exactly what to do if you get a negative review on your kindle e-book. (This technique will build your credibility through the roof!)

✓ The correct and proven way to price your book to maximize the amount of money you’ll make with each book. (You’ll be surprised at first, but you’ll thank me later)

✓ Step by step how to creating a Cash generating back-end with your kindle e-books. (This is the difference between a $5000 per month author and a $15 000 per month author)

✓ My exact blueprint on how to scale the whole process effortlessly so that you can enjoy ultimate FREEDOM. (Ultimately your goal is to make as much money as possible while working as little as possible. This is ultimate freedom)

How to Promote on Facebook and Twitter the right way

How to build an e-mail list and build your back-end (People don’t realize that most the money on Kindle is made on the back-end)

And much much more…(there are a lot of videos in this program)

I’ll Bet By Now You’re “Worrying” About The Price…

Here is the good news: I’m currently selling this program for only $9!! After going through the videos, you will know absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know in order to be highly successful in the kindle publishing business. The best part? You’re going to be learning from me directly through my step-by-step instructional videos, and you’ll only be paying a fraction of what it would cost to hire me one on one.

Money Making Kindle Program

“This program comes with my 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like it for any reason all you have to do is send me an e-mail and say “Refund please” and I’ll give you back all your money, no questions asked, PLUS you can keep all the bonuses”

You should realize that this is a very limited time offer and that I plan to raise the price soon (people that have tested my program actually told me to price it at around $200…Just look at the reviews!). You and I both know it’s still a steal at that price.

If you would like to be part of the Money Making Kindle community, just click the button below that says buy now!

I look forward working with you to help you become financially free quickly. Register now and I’ll talk to you in the program.

“Money Making Kindle will set you free. It will help you to finally get started and make money online really fast. I will show you exactly my step by step system. I’m 100% transparent. If this program doesn’t create financial freedom for you, send me an e-mail and say “Refund please” and I’ll give you back all your money, no questions asked, PLUS you can keep all the bonuses”

Ready to become free?

ONLY $9!!! Price will go up as this is a LIMITED-TIME-OFFER!!
Money Making Kindle Program

Think about it. How much is a recurring passive income of $3000+ within 3 months worth to you?

If you realize how powerful that is, probably you would easily invest more than $1000.

Let’s be extremely conservative and let’s assume that you do not follow the instructions in the program and at the end of the 3 months you only make $1000 per month of recurring passive income. How much is a passive income of $1000 per month worth to you? Let’s be honest here, A LOT MORE than $9!

The choice is clear, isn’t it?

Money Making Kindle Program


PPS. Remember…you have NOTHING to risk because I offer a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee that allows you to test the system. If for ANY reason you feel like investing in this system is not one of the best decisions in your life, I will IMMEDIATELY refund you, no questions asked, PLUS you can keep all the bonuses.

What My Customers Are Saying

“Max’s Step-By-Step Amazon Kindle Coaching program is the most thoroughly comprehensive beginner and advanced Kindle publishing and marketing training I have ever reviewed.

Max provides you with helpful video instruction for EVERY step he uses in his own Kindle publishing business which includes many tips or trade secrets that only a true success in this business would know.”

GlobalTrader (Forum Name)

“I have to say this is a fantastic resource. A huge amount of training which is detailed, specific and honest. It’s a steal at this price. Thank you”


Eric Chapman

“I’m enrolled in 19 different Kindle courses on Udemy alone. This Kindle course, is easily one of the most comprehensive Kindle courses I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking

Luke Smith

“I am so impressed by the training you have included. The videos are very well produced and very detailed…I have a few kindle training products, but yours covers advanced concepts that I have not seen before

Ricky Manson

“This is hands down the best Kindle training I have come across. The course comes in a video format which is my personal favorite, so you can see how Max puts the stuff into action. The beauty about kindle is that you can get started for a limited amount of budget and make passive income ”

Amelie Roy

“I followed the steps in the video — particularly about publishing and optimization of keywords. As a result of watching these specific videos, I changed the title of my book completely and created a whole new cover.

On the same day I published the book with changes I made inspired by Max’s video, I actually made a sale. Imagine that — with just two simple changes (changing the title and changing the cover) based on Max’s tips, I’ve already made a sale”

Stacy Taylor

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in the U.S?

No! It can work from anywhere in the world ( I live in Canada)

Is it only for Non-fiction books?

No! This program is for BOTH Fiction AND non-fiction books!

Do I have to write the books myself?

No! Of course you can write the books yourself if you like to write, but most of my students outsource everything. Marketers make money, not writers. I also have students that are writers and joined my program to know exactly how to do the marketing for their books.

What if it doesn't work for me?

It works for everybody, but if for some reason you don’t like the program, just send me an email and ill refund you…No questions asked.

I already know how to outsource books...Will I get any value from this program?

Yes. There are a lot of videos in this program…How to outsource the books is only about 5% of the program. I go deep on how the Amazon algorithm works and how to optimize your sales as quickly as possible.

How long does it take to make money?

In my opinion this method is the easiest and fastest way to make money on the internet by far. You can literally have a recurring income within 7 days after you start this program.

Money Making Kindle Program

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