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How many products should you test on a new store in order to know if a market is good or not?


How Many Products Should You Test On A New Store?

So how many products shall you test before you can come to the conclusion that the market is bad? The answer to that is 8 to 15 products. I always test between 8 to 15 products when I enter a new market. Let’s say that I open a new Shopify store today….It means I will test between 8 to 15 products over the next few weeks. Of course this is assuming that you know what you are doing.

Know what you’re doing.

I’ve read so many things about E-commerce, about Facebook ads and I’m going to conferences about e-commerce all the time… I keep myself up-to-date with what’s going on in the Facebook marketing world, in the E-commerce world, Etc etc, so when I say to test 8 to 15 products, obviously if you are new at this and you don’t know what you are doing you might have to test more than that.

It’s not about the number of products that you’re testing that’s important. Ultimately you have to know what you are doing.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re at the stage where you want to learn as much as possible. I highly recommend you to invest in a course teaching you step by step how to do everything. There’s a lot of resources in the internet. Just watch the videos on my Youtube channel and you’re going to learn a lot for free. You’re at this stage. If you’re brand new, that’s the best investment that you can make. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on Facebook ads, you want to make sure that you know what you’re doing. That’s the fastest way that you can make sure that you’re not going to lose a lot of money with your Facebook ads.

If it doesn’t work, try something new.

Now assuming once you reach the level where you know exactly what to do, your Facebook ads are good, you know how to target the right people inside of your Facebook audience, etc., etc. Then the answer is 8 to 15 products. If after 8 to 15 products you’re not making a lot of sales, it doesn’t work, the numbers look bad, just close the store.

Don’t spend any more money on this and that’s it. Try something new. Don’t be too emotionally invested in your store.

That’s a mistake that a lot of people do. They start a store and then even if it doesn’t work, “I’m going to make it work.” “It’s going to work at some point.” No! If after 8 to 15 products, if it doesn’t work, just close the store and try something new.

Now when I say 8 to 15 products, what you have to realize is I’m not talking about Adsets… I’m talking about products. When you test a product, you might have to test a few different Adsets depending on the number of audiences inside of your market. If your market is cats, for example. Let’s say that this market has five audiences, five different audiences. (I have a video explaining how to build your audiences on Facebook. Just search it on my Youtube channel.) But let’s say that you have five audiences for that market. You want to test your product and the product you’re testing with different audiences.

Match your product with your audience.

See if it’s the product that’s not selling or if it’s the audience that’s just bad. You want to match your product with different audiences, see if it’s going to sell, depending on the audience.

Now when I say 8 to 15 products, you have to realize that inside the product that you are testing, you might have to test a few different Adsets. Now, for the Adsets, as I told you guys in my previous posts and videos, I always spend about $25. If after $25 I’m not making any sales, usually I kill the ad. After I spend $25 I’m able to make a decision. Because I know how to read the Facebook reporting, I know how to read the data and I highly recommend you to be super good at this so you don’t spend a bunch of money without any results. After you spend $25, you’re supposed to be able to make a decision. Should you raise the budget, should you lower the budget, should you leave the budget like this, should you kill the ad completely. After you spend $25, you’re supposed to be able to do that. So to answer the question, between 8 to 15 products, for each product that you’re testing, you might have to test a different Adsets and for each Adsets, you’re going to spend no more than $25.

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