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Do you buy lottery tickets? If you are, don’t feel guilty for it because many people buy them on a regular basis…However, I’ll explain to you why you should NEVER buy a lottery ticket ever again in your life.
It’s all about the proactive versus reactive principle. If you incorporate this principle in your life, it will completely change it. All the highly successful people in this world understand it consciously or not. It is not really a matter IQ, of genes, of what schools you went to, etc. It’s all about if you understand this principle.

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Look, I don’t think I even need to explain to you that your chances of winning the jackpot are EXTREMELY SLIM. You probably have more chances of getting killed by a plane crashing on you than winning the jackpot…
 So why are people still buying them? The answer is really simple. They don’t understand one of the most fundamental law about the universe. This law states that HAPPINESS COMES FROM PROGRESS.
 Lets me repeat it…HAPPINESS COMES FROM PROGRESS. When you buy a lottery ticket, it puts you into a REACTIVE state of mind. You don’t progress when you buy a lottery ticket. It doesn’t bring you closer to your dream of getting rich. It actually makes you go in the opposite direction. It makes you go into the opposite direction.
 It makes you LESS LIKELY to become rich because it puts you in a REACTIVE state of mind instead of a PROACTIVE state of mind.
When you buy a lottery ticket, you put it in your pocket and that’s it, you just wait for the universe to hopefully be nice to you and make you win the jackpot…
 You PRODUCE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when you do that. You are in a total REACTIVE state of mind when you do this….
 Not only will you not achieve anything by having a mindset like this, but ON TOP OF THAT, you will be unhappy because as I said, HAPPINESS COMES FROM PROGRESS.
 You don’t progress in a passive and reactive state of mind. You actually REGRESS when you do this.
 The fastest way to increase your happiness level in your life is to take charge of it. I want you to adopt a proactive state of mind in ANYTHING in life. I can assure you that you will never buy a lottery ticket EVER AGAIN in your entire life if you start being proactive in your live because you just won’t tolerate not being in control of your life. You won’t tolerate it because you understand that HAPPINESS COMES FROM PROGRESS.
 Why would you buy a lottery ticket and hope that you win? Not only will you not win, but it will make you miserable because you won’t progress…
 Instead of doing this, take massive action and start a business instead. Want to become rich? Then make something about it. Start a business, increase how much you make, invest in yourself and invest your money.
Not only will your odds of making more money dramatically increase, but this will 100% sure increase your happiness level because you will PROGRESS all the time!
 Happiness comes from progress. It’s not the end result that matters the most, it’s progress. When you are in charge of your life, you progress. When you are not in charge of your life, you regress…This is why you NEED TO STAY AWAY FROM ANYBODY OR ANYTHING THAT PUTS YOU IN A REACTIVE AND PASSIVE STATE OF MIND.
Your happiness literally depends on it…
 The safest way to be happy in life is to TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE. By taking charge I mean taking action, making it happen by being proactive.
 It should be your focus in life: always making sure that you are improving and getting closer to your goals. Not only will this dramatically increase your chances of actually getting what you want in life, but it will 100% sure increase your happiness level.
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