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With Facebook Lookalike Audiences, reaching more people who may be interested in your business has never been easier. The question is, do you always have to start with one percent (1%)? What should you do with your Lookalike Audiences?


Lookalike Audiences, what percentage (%) is best?

Personally, I used to always start with 1%. I would start at 1%, then scale my ads, raise my budget etc, and then at some point, I would go to 2%, 3% and then try 4 or 5 percent soon after. But now, I changed my way of doing things.

Two months ago, I attended a World eCommerce Conference in Singapore. The speaker, who makes a few million dollars per month with eCommerce, said that they don’t only start with 1% when doing Lookalike Audiences. Instead, they do a series of tests: 1%, 2%, 3% all the way up to 10%.

You see, Facebook is sometimes really weird. Logically, it would make sense that the Lookalike with 1% will perform better than the one with 2%, 3%, 4% and so on. But sometimes with Facebook, things can be a little bit strange. What they found is that sometimes the one at 3% perform better than the one at 1%, and sometimes even the one at 7% perform better than the one at 1%. Even if you do a Lookalike Audience based on Add To Carts, for example, things can get a little bit out-of-the-ordinary. Say for instance, Lookalike Audiences at 1% for Add To Cart is going to perform better than the Lookalike at 1% for View Content. Well, logically, Add To Carts are way more solid than View Content because it means that these people didn’t only view your page, but actually added the product to their cart. But again, Facebook is weird.

One of my very important takeaways from that conference is this: TEST EVERYTHING.

I tried it on all my stores. I literally created one for 1%, one for 2%, 3% up to 10%, and constantly found the same result as what they told me – sometimes the Lookalike Audience at 7% is better than the one at 2%, and so on. For some of my products I’m testing, the Lookalike for View Content have way better numbers compared to the one at Add To Cart, which doesn’t make a lot of sense at all. Sometimes, my Lookalikes for View Content also do better than my Lookalikes for Purchases. Again, this doesn’t make sense. Lookalike for Purchases are supposed to be better because these are proven buyers. But sometimes, you just never know.

So let’s say for instance you put your Lookalike Audience at $5. Let it run for 4-5 days and then delete the ones that are not performing well. That’s how I do it now and I would recommend you to do the same thing.

The Wrap-Up

Don’t just start with 1%. Yes, it’s going to cost you more money because now you have to create 10 Lookalike Audiences but, TRUST ME, you’re going to find a lot of interesting things. When it comes to Facebook Ads, don’t assume or expect anything. Test everything.

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