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I’ve heard many people recently say that Kindle Publishing is too saturated…Is it true?

To be honest, I think it is quite the opposite. There is a huge opportunity with Kindle publishing right now. Yes, there is more competition in the U.S market, but there is almost NO COMPETITION IN OTHER MARKETS. By other markets, I mean books written in languages other than English…

Also, it is literally impossible for Kindle to become saturated and this is exactly what I’m going to talk about in this post.

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Today I want to talk about something that really pisses me off…

For some reason, A lot of people seems to think that Kindle publishing is too saturated…And honestly, I have no idea where this comes from because every single day more and more people are making money with Kindle.


It just seems like people use this as an excuse to not get started because it makes them feel good not to take action. They think to themselves “Yeah I haven’t started yet, but it doesn’t matter because I’ve heard Kindle is too saturated now“…..This is bullshit. This is how unsuccessful people think.

Now let me be really clear about something:  It is IMPOSSIBLE for Kindle publishing to become too saturated. Let me repeat it , it is IMPOSSIBLE for kindle publishing to become too saturated and let me explain why….

 It is impossible for kindle to become saturated because there will always be unlimited niches out there on kindle. There will always be unlimited niches out there because there is always something new in the world….It could be a new celebrity, a new board game, a new computer game, a new fashion trend, a new diet, basically, there will always be a new way to do things and every time there is a new way to do things, people want to learn more about it and therefore, there will be a huge potential to create kindle books in that new market. 

I’ll give you an example…Minecraft….Minecraft is a computer game that became extremely popular not so long ago…At some point I was making almost $1000 per Minecraft book that I have.

Now it became more competitive but i’m still making really good money with them especially if I take into consideration that I only paid about $40 to outsource these books. It’s a crazy return on investments….People that know me know that I used to be a financial analyst and let me tell you : you won’t find these kinds of returns anywhere else. This is why I quit my job and decided to do internet marketing full time.

What i’m trying to say here is that there will always be a new trend out there, always, and this is why Kindle can’t become saturated….I’ll give you another example: When the actor Robin Williams died a few people wrote books on him and let me tell you, they made A LOT of money….

Another example: When the book fifty shade of grey came out, followed the movie, a new trend became really popular. If you go on kindle and do a search for erotica books, you will see that most best sellers have the keyword Billionaire in their title because the main thing with that book was that the girl met a really rich guy, etc etc….It became really popular on Kindle and it’s been popular for quite a long time now.

Another example, As i’m doing this, it is the election in the U.S and it might be a good idea to make books about the presidential candidates.


What i’m trying to say here is that you have to become aware of what is going on around you if you want to be successful in this business…..

When someone is new to kindle publishing, they often make the mistake of searching for niches that are really obvious like weight loss, or happiness. And you know what, you can make money in these niches, but it will be much harder because it is much competitive. These are often the same people that quit Kindle publishing after a few days and say to everybody that it is too saturated. The reality is they just don’t know what they are doing.

There will ALWAYS be a new niche out there, whether it’s a new technology, for example Amazon released the Amazon Echo not so long ago, it might be a good idea to analyze that niche….There will always have something new happening in the world and therefore there will always be something new to write about. 

Another thing you should be aware of is that competition is normal. If there was no competition with Kindle, it would probably mean that Kindle doesn’t work.  Competition is great because competition means it works and you should do it too. 

I always find it funny when people say Kindle publishing is competitive. I usually ask them what they do and some of them tell me they have blogs, some tell me they do affiliate marketing, etc…And I always ask them if what they are doing is less competitive than when they started, and their answers is always NO.

The fact is no matter what technique you are using, no matter HOW you make your money online, chances are high that competitioncompetition will ALWAYS increase, and this is normal. Actually, if the competition is decreasing, it would be really bad news because probably this business model is quickly going to zero. 

Now, as I said, yes there is more people doing kindle publishing right now than before and the reason for this is that it WORKS. That’s why people do it. The best time to get started with Kindle IS RIGHT NOW.

One last thing, as I’ve told you, there are unlimited niches out there and there will always be but ON TOP OF THAT, you should be aware that most of the competition have absolutely no idea what they are doing.

I’m to the point where I could enter a really competitive market and crush everybody because I know exactly how the Amazon’s algorithm works. I know how to increase my book rankings quickly and how to make it stick that way. That’s why I encourage you to invest in a good program that will teach you how to do this and if you do this, you won’t have to worry about competition because you’ll soon notice that 90% of the people on Kindle have no idea what they are doing so it’s really easy to crush them and make more money than them…

If you haven’t started yet, start now. This is the best thing you will ever do in your entire life and Kindle publishing is the fastest and easiest way to make money online ever.

Invest in a good program that will teach you how to do everything from how to find good niches, select good keywords, build a back-end, publish paperback books etc etc and as I said, don’t worry about competition because there will ALWAYS be new niches out there because the world is constantly changing. Also, the competition is really weak when you know what you’re doing so it really is easy to beat them and rank your book on the first page of Amazon. 

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