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I started Kindle publishing about one year and a half ago and it completely changed my life. I used to work in finance as an analyst intern but I just couldn’t do it anymore….I was way underpaid (I got hired at $27 000 per year), had a lot of student debts and I absolutely hated the lack of freedom that comes with a 9 to 5 job…

I read a book called the 4 hours workweek and it completely changed my life…NEVER AGAIN would I trade my time for money and from now on I would spend my time building passive income instead. With passive income, I would be able to spend my time like I want to.

I then discovered Kindle publishing and this is how I got started. After only a few months, I was making enough passive income to quit my boring job!

You have two options when it comes to Kindle Publishing : Write the book yourself or pay someone to write it for you (outsource it).

When I started, I decided to write the books myself even though English is not my first language and I’m not good at all at writing….I noticed that short books were selling really well on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) so I decided to write one myself. I highly recommend people in my coaching program to outsource the writing of their books to scale this business quickly, but I was not aware of this when I first started. You can get a book outsourced for like $20 to $60 on the internet these days…

Anyways, I decided to write a book on Bodybuilding because I know a lot about this subject. It only has 33 pages and it took me exactly 3 hours to write! Yes, only 3 hours. How did I do it? Simple; the books is basically  tips on how to train correctly. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like inside of the book:


As you can see, the book is structured in a really simple way. It is basically jut a bunch of tips on how to train correctly. I even used Google to get inspiration on some of the tips and wrote in my own words what I read.

It literally only took me 3 hours to write this book. I then hired someone to make a book cover for me, optimized the book listing in a way that it will rank on the first page of Amazon and promoted the book using the tools Amazon gave me.

Here is the book:


As you can see, I used the pen name Alexander Valmont for this book. This is something that Amazon allows you to do and it can be quite useful if you publish a lot of books. I now have over 50 pen names…

So How Much Money Did I Make?

For the first year, I made approximately $100 per month with this book! That’s $1200 in one year for a book that only took me 3 hours to write. For the last 6 months, this book generated around $50 per month. So in total, this book generated around $1500 of passive income to me in the last year and a half…For only 3 hours of work! Isn’t that amazing?

Even if I paid someone $20-$60 to write it for me (outsource it), I would still have made an insane return on my money. Look, I’m a finance guy and let me tell you; You won’t find these kind of returns anywhere else…If you get a 10% return in the stock market, you had a really good year. Same thing with real estate…This is why I switched from finance to Online marketing: the potential is much greater on the internet.

So I made $1500 in one year and a half with a book that only took me 3 hours to write…And you know what’s crazy about it? THIS BOOK WILL CONTINUE TO PRODUCES PASSIVE INCOME IN THE FUTURE ALSO. That $500 an hour that I’ve made will soon transform into $700 an hour and $1000 an hour…

This is how I ended up making over $10 000 per month with Kindle Publishing after only one year…I realized quickly that it has HUGE potential and I took massive action to make it work.

Kindle Publishing is in my opinion the FASTEST & EASIEST way to make money online. A lot of my friends started with other methods like affiliate marketing and PPC, and all of them ended up quitting. Why did they quit? Because it take a lot of time for these methods to work.

Take affiliate marketing for example. You will need A LOT of traffic, then you will need to connect and build a relationship with this traffic, then you will need to convert that traffic to make them buy from you. All of this take a lot of time! This is why I’ve been lucky to start with Amazon…It’s not that I’m smarter than them, it’s just that I started with a system that actually work fast.

My Invitation To You…(Want The Same Results?)

If you haven’t already, take a look at my Kindle Publishing Starting Guide (It’s Free).

If you are looking for more, or are wanting to seriously pursue making money on Kindle, then I want to invite you to join my Money Making Kindle program.

Money Making Kindle is a step-by-step video training course. The reviews are absolutely amazing and students are making a lot of money with it.

 In the program, you get to see me create a Kindle book from scratch, publish it, market it, and start making money from it.  The program consists of over 29+ “over the shoulder” videos where you get to watch me do everything.

You will learn EVERYTHING you need to know to be successful with kindle publishing in this program. I leave nothing out and I am 100% transparent! I even share with you my book cover designer, the writers that I use for my books, all the websites and groups that I use to promote my Kindle books, and even how to scale this business by automating and outsourcing the whole process by hiring virtual assistants! You will learn how to pick good titles, how to rank your books on the first page of Amazon easily, advanced promotions strategies and much much more. This is the exact system I used to publish more than 100 books in the last year.

To find out more about Money Making Kindle, click here.

I hope you enjoyed this Kindle publishing guide.  Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think, or if there’s any questions that you have.  Thanks for reading!

Please leave a comment below or let me know any questions you have.  I’d love to hear what you think!

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