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Should you hide your Free + shipping offers on your website? Someone asked me this on my website and In this blog post I’m going to answer the question!


Free + shipping offers are when you offer the product for FREE, but the client has to pay for the shipping… You can make money with these because let’s say you charge $10.97 for the shipping and the product costs you $1 on Aliexpress, well the difference between the two is your profit.

These offers work SUPER WELL and I recommend anyone to use them, especially if you are just starting out. They are a great way to make a lot of money (You can make $10 000+ profit per month just with these) AND you will collect a lot of data from the Facebook pixel that will be useful when you want to scale, create lookalike audiences, etc.

Now, should you create a Shopify store with only Free + Shipping Offers on it? Hell no! Please don’t do this…I’ve seen this before and it was really bad…

Remember this: When selling online, the most important thing is TRUST. If people trust you, they most likely will buy from you. If they don’t trust you, even if the product is good they won’t buy from you.

If you have only FREE + SHIPPING offers on your website, people will wonder what is going on…Why is everything FREE? Is this a scam? Is this for real…? Don’t get me wrong, you will probably make a few sales, but not as many as if your store was 90% Retail offers (When you actually charge money for the product) and 10$ FREE + SHIPPING OFFERS.

By having a bunch of retail offers and only a few Free+ shipping offers on your website, people will trust your website WAY MORE! Actually, on some of my stores I don’t even have Free + shipping on my store! I only put the retail offers on my Shopify website and I do free + shipping offers only in my Facebook ads!!

Think about E-commerce like a sales funnel. You want to grab the attention of the people with a low investment offer first. The low investment offer is the free + shipping offer. Then once they buy that low investment offer, you want to show them a higher priced item (higher investment for them). This is how sales funnels work and you should think of E-commerce the same way.

Anyways, the bottom line is this: You DON’T want to ONLY have free + shipping offers on your website because people will lose trust in your website. It is OK to have some on your website, but you want to ideally have WAY MORE retail offers than free + shipping offers on your store. This is the correct way of doing things.

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