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Is it a good idea to offer free shipping on all your items? Is it better to offer free shipping only if they spend over $100? If you looked at multiples E-commerce stores, you probably noticed that none of them are doing the same thing…So what is the right answer?


FREE shipping on all items…Good idea?

Will offering free shipping result in more sales on my store? It depends on your market. Each market is different. If you’re selling items at $100, $150, $200, the people buying these items are different than the people that are going to go on a store where the products are about $10, $20, $30.

The products that you sell are going to attract different kinds of people, that’s why you need to test  which methods works best for your market.

There is no simple answer, “Oh, offer free shipping all of the time on all of your items and that’s the best way to do it.” It depends on your market, it depends on the products that you’re selling, it depends on many things, okay? So that’s why you need to test that stuff for yourself.

 And that’s really easy to do, honestly. You just need to test a few different things. You could test the free shipping on all of the items on your store for like two weeks, and you see how it goes. Then you test free shipping on every order that’s more than $50, and you see how it goes. Then you can test free shipping on all of the orders that are more than $100 for a while… You’re going to see quickly what works best! The answer is you need to test it !

 I have about six stores right now and on each one of them I’m doing something different, because on each one of them I tested what works best. Again, it depends of the market, it depends on what kind of products you’re selling.

Most of the times, for items that are more expensive, like $75, $100, $150, these buyers often expect to get the shipping for free! For less expensive products, most of the time people expect they will have to pay for the shipping. But again, you need to test all of this on your store.

But in the end, even though I’m telling you to test everything, what matters the most is that you have a compelling offer. The shipping is just a little add-on. It’s going to make people buy a little bit more, but if your offer is not that great, if the products suck, if the store doesn’t look professional, people don’t trust the store, etc., people aren’t going to buy anyways.

If you want to make a lot of sales in e-commerce, you need a compelling offer. You want to give a reason for people to buy. If you do that, if the product is good, the copyrighting is good, the pictures are good, everything looks good on your website, you have social proof, you answer all of the questions in their mind on your website and your website looks professional and everything, people are going to buy. And then if they see on top of that free shipping on everything in the store, then they’re going to be like, “Oh, yeah. That’s great”

So how do I set this up? Well first of all, you need to create your shipping rules properly inside of Shopify (hopefully you know how to do that, if not you should check out my course).

Then what you want to do is download a Shopify app similar to this one (or this one actually) https://apps.shopify.com/free-shipping-bar 

This app will allow you to add a little bar on top of your website, that says, “Free shipping today only. Free shipping on all orders today only.” You can actually write anything in the bar, this is highly customizable and you can even change the font and the colours…I like to say that the free shipping is today only because it adds some scarcity and it forces people to buy right now, but again you can write something else.

If, for example, you want to offer free shipping on all orders over $50, same thing. You download the app, you customize it, and then people will see the bar with something similar to this, depending on how you customize it “Free shipping on all orders over $50.” This is a great way to push people to buy a little more, because if their cart is now at $35…now that they know the shipping is free over $50, they might just buy another product!

All of these strategies work, but again, you need to test it on your store because each store is different. Honestly, it doesn’t take that long. If you’re already making sales, you have a lot of traffic on your store, etc, it takes about one month to test this. The two first week or maybe one week and a half or something like that, test free shipping on all of the items. Then for the next week and a half after, test free shipping over $50, and then free shipping over 75, 100, and then you see what works best. You’re going to know soon enough what works best for your market.

When it comes to online marketing, you need to test everything. Don’t make any assumptions. It happens to me like thousands of times, where I think that something is going to work and it doesn’t work. And I think something is not going to work and it works. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned when it comes to online marketing, it is to test everything.

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