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FACEBOOK ADS VS INSTAGRAM ADS – Shopify Drop Shipping Tutorial

In this video, I’m going to talk about whether you should do Instagram ads or Facebook ads, what’s the difference between the two, how do you do it, on which platform should you spend your money, etc. Continue reading or watch my video to find out my answer.


Let me tell you first. When I test a new product, 95% of the time, I start by testing directly on Facebook and Instagram, both at the same time.

Actually, Instagram is owned by Facebook. Not a lot of people know that. So when you’re going to do your Instagram ads, you’re going to do it inside your Ads Manager for Facebook. A lot of people don’t know about that. Basically, you’re going to do your Instagram ads inside of where you do your Facebook ads. You just need to put a check mark on Instagram and you’re ad will also be published on Instagram.

Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads

What’s the difference between the two? They are similar but they are not exactly the same, depending on your product and market. Instagram is mostly for fashion, like super beautiful pictures. People access Instagram to see high-quality pictures. It has an artist kind-of vibe. Whereas Facebook is something different than that.

When you do Facebook ads, I highly recommend you not to assume anything and test everything. The beauty of Facebook ads is you can do a lot of split testing without spending so much. You can spend a few dollars to get data and see which one performs the best. For example, you spend $5-$10 for 2 ads sets, you’re going to see which one has the lowest CPM, click rate, and other metrics. You’ll be able to analyze the data and come to a conclusion on what works the best. You can literally do a split test – use the same ad copy for the same audience but one of them is on Facebook and the other one on Instagram. And then you can check which one works the best.

Conduct tests to find out the best platform to use

Some products are going to do better on Facebook, and some are going to do better on Instagram. Which platform will work for your product? You don’t know that. So I recommend that you test your ads for your new product to find out where you will get more traffic and sales.

What I prefer to do when testing a new product is I test the ad on a mobile first, instead of a desktop. I think it’s like that for most of the market right now. Most people shop a lot on their cellphone. So I always test on mobile first, and then I publish the same ads set on both Facebook and Instagram. Once I have enough data and sales from the ad, that’s the time I check where the sales are coming from. I check if the sales and traffic are from my Facebook ads or Instagram ads. If you see that most of the sales are coming from Instagram, then you can modify the ads to lead all traffic to Instagram. That’s one way to do it.

Another way to do it is to create 2 separate ad sets, one for Facebook and one for Instagram. After conducting your split test, you just have to delete the ad that’s not working or generating sales. However, if you’re still profitable, even if one platform is performing a little less than the other, you can still keep the ad run because you’re still making money.

For my products, it is mostly 50% of the traffic comes from Facebook and the other 50% from Instagram. I like to put both of them in the same ad set. If I see a huge difference between the two, then obviously, I’m going to stop spending money on the platform that is not making money.


Facebook and Instagram are two different platforms but they work kind-of the same way, depending on your product and target market. Do not assume anything and make sure to test everything.

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