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E-PACKET VS FREE SHIPPING – Shopify Drop Shipping Tutorial

Is it a good idea to select free shipping sometimes? What if E-packet is not available and no other good options?


E-Packet Vs Free Shipping

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to select the free shipping in Aliexpress instead of paying a few dollars for E-packet?

Is there a few times when selecting the free shipping a good idea?

The answer to that is NO.

Let me explain to you why…The most important thing when it comes to shipping is that you have a tracking number, period. With most of the free shipping options in Aliexpress, THERE IS NO TRACKING NUMBER PROVIDED….STAY WAY FROM THESE.

You absolutely need a tracking number. This is one of the most important thing when it comes to e-commerce. Without tracking numbers, you won’t be in business for a long time, trust me.

The reason you want a tracking number is that your payment processor will want you to have one…Let’s say that you are using Paypal and one client is asking for a refund and opened a case against you…Paypal will ask you for a tracking number and if you don’t have one, they won’t like it. Same with Stripe. When someone files a chargeback against you, they will ask you to provide a tracking number and if they see that you don’t have one….You won’t be in business for a long time.

Another reason you want a tracking number is that your customers will ask for one. You will receive a lot of e-mails from your customers asking for a tracking number and if you can’t provide one to them, most of them will ask for a refund.

Look the bottom line is that you should not try to save $1 or $2 if that means you won’t have a tracking number. I would MUCH RATHER pay more for the shipping but have a tracking number.

Shipping times

Another factor to consider is the shipping time. With free shipping, most of the time the shipping time is WAY too long. With E-packet the shipping time is around 2-3 weeks, and sometimes there are better shipping options out there (depends of the product, the country etc) with shipping times of less than two weeks…

Trust me, it is MUCH BETTER to ship your product under one month to your client than getting free shipping. 

If your margins are so bad that you can’t afford to spend $1 on shipping for the item, you should stay away from that item in the first place anyways!


You should stay away from Free shipping 99% of the times. The only time you should pick the free shipping option is if they give you a tracking number and if the delivery time is under one month. If there is no tracking number, FORGET ABOUT IT, and it the shipping time is over one month, FORGET ABOUT IT ALSO.

Again, if you cannot afford $1 or $2 for a good shipping with a tracking number, it probably means that the margins are too low for the product anyways and you should stay away from it.

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