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DROP SHIPPING FROM ALIBABA? – Shopify Drop Shipping Tutorial

What’s the difference between Aliexpress and Alibaba? Is it possible to drop ship from Alibaba directly? I’m going to answer these questions in this post 🙂


Can you drop ship from Alibaba directly?

www.Aliexpress.com is a consumer to business website where consumers can go directly to buy items at a discounted price. On the other hand, www.alibaba.com is a business to business type of website where people with businesses go to buy large quantities of inventories from sellers (most of them are in China).

The one thing you have to realize with Alibaba is that is it mostly made for people that want to order A LOT OF UNITS. If you go on Alibaba, you will quickly realize that for most items, there is a minimum order of about 500 units (on average…sometimes less, sometimes more). You can contact the seller and tell them that you want to test the market first (try to make it sound like you are a big business and you will order a lot of units in the future) and you need to test with a small quantity at first…BUT, chances are high that you will have to order a bunch of units at the same time…

THERE ARE A FEW SELLERS that will accept to do drop shipping for you but you will have to look and contact A LOT OF THEM!! Most of them don’t have the time to just send one item to your client, they just don’t. This is not their business model. They are in the business of selling A LOT of units at a huge discount (prices on Alibaba are MUCH lower).

On the other hand, Sellers on Aliexpress are on the business of selling ONE or just a few units at the same time. Yes, the price is higher, but you don’t have to order large quantities upfront. This is why I like to drop ship from Aliexpress, the items are relatively cheap and you can literally test the market by drop shipping at first, and then you can go to Alibaba and buy inventory upfront!

Another thing you have to know is that sellers on Aliexpress CANNOT customize the items…If you are planning on adding your logo on your items, you will have to go to Alibaba and negotiate something with them.

So this is the main difference between the two : Alibaba is mostly for large quantities and Aliexpress is not. Now, is it possible to drop ship directly from Alibaba? The answer is YES, but (and a big but), most of them don’t and most of them don’t like to do it. In all honesty, the time it will take you to find a seller willing to dropship from Alibaba is just not worth it. You are better off just paying a few dollars more but not waste any time!

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