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Whether you selling online or offline, you should never be too emotionally attached to your products. Here’s the main reason why I think being too attached to your product is not good for your business.


Don’t Be Too Emotionally Attached To Your Products

One of the biggest mistakes that people make especially when they’re new to e-commerce, it’s that they focus too much on their products. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it sometimes can be unhealthy for the business.

It’s a big mistake.

When you start testing products on the market, it is just right to assume that it is going to sell and you’re going to make profits out of it. After all, that’s your ultimate reason for testing it, right?

However, I do believe that expecting too much on a product can be a bad idea. The more you focus on your product and the more you get emotionally attached to it, the more you want to spend your money on it – even if the numbers suggest otherwise.

Trust the numbers.

People who trust their product too much tend to focus all their energy and resources on that one particular product. They’re willing to shell out thousands of dollars because they think from the bottom of their hearts that the product is amazing. Only to realize later on that the numbers disagree.

The key here is to review the numbers regularly and trust what the numbers tell you. When you start testing a product, it is just rational to NOT expect that the product will sell well.

Test your product and understand the numbers – if the CPM and cost per click are too high, or click through rate is too low, or there are no sales at all – then you must let go of that product. Do not be too emotionally attached to it! If the numbers are not good, then stop spending money on it.


Instead of spending thousands of dollars for 1 or 2 products that you think will work, spend about $25 to $30 for several products for testing. Do not focus on just one or two, but work on several and see from there which one sells.

Review the numbers and then decide – should you spend more money on this product? Should I test that product on another market? Should I completely cut this one out?

Offering a variety of products will give more chances of market testing, so you can clearly contrast which ones are making the most profit. Sometimes, the products that you least expect to sell are the ones that bring the most returns.

You are not the market.

Always remember that no matter how awesome you think your product is, your market may not think the same.

In this business, to bluntly put it, it doesn’t really matter what you think! Because what’s important is what sells – and that’s solely based on your audience. Even if you think your product is so amazing, when the numbers are bad, swipe it out.

Focus on what sells on the market, and adjust on what your numbers tell you.


People lose thousands of dollars when they get too emotionally attached to their products. Stop spending too much money on a product with the hopes that it will do well in the market even if the numbers are not good. In the end, when you shell out so much money on a product that doesn’t sell, you’ll end up with so much frustration and may even quit eventually.

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