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What’s the difference between clicks and page post engagements? Which one is the most important?


Difference between link clicks and page post engagement

Page Post Engagement is when people like your ad, when they share it with other people and when they click on it. The name says it…They are ENGAGING with your ad!

Link clicks is when people are CLICKING (only clicking) on your ad. There are two main types of clicks out there: First of all you have General clicks…General clicks means the person clicked on your ad, period. It could be on the image, on could be on your logo, etc. The other type of clicks are the actual link clicks. With these, it means the person actually clicked on the link that says ¨ click here to buy ¨. These clicks are the important ones, and you have to make sure that in your Facebook reporting, you look at the CPC (LINK CLICKS) AND NOT THE (CPC). The CPC (LINK CLICKS) is the one with people actually clicking on the link to buy.

Now let me be clean about these two...Link clicks are WAY MORE IMPORTANT when it comes to showing you if people are interested.

Even if people are engaging with your ad, it doesn’t mean that they will buy. LINK CLICKS will let you know if people have an actual interest in buying your product. Having hundreds of people liking the picture, or hundred of people sharing your post doesn’t mean they will buy your product….This is why link clicks is WAY more important. If they click on the link, it means they have an actual interest in buying the product…

You can test the market with PPE ADS

Again, I am not saying that Page post engagement is useless. It is just not as good as LINK CLICKS.

One of the strategy that I use sometimes is to test a product with a PPE ad. I let it run until I spend $5 and then I look at the numbers. If The Cost per link click is less than $1 and if the cost per Page Post Engagement is less than around 7 cents or so, what it shows me is that people are interested into this product. IT DOESN’T MEAN THEY WILL BUY, but it means there is a potential for it to sell. If after I spend $5 these numbers are not good, I kill the ad and I don’t take the time to test it on purchase conversion (If the numbers are good, i’ll test on purchase conversion to see if it sells).

Now what you have to realize is this: Inside of the strategy, I am focusing almost exclusively on the link clicks. Yes I look at the Cost per engagement, BUT WHAT I REALLY FOCUS ON IS THE COST PER LINK CLICK. 

Again, if people are engaged, it doesn’t mean they will buy…If they click on the link, it means they are more invested in the product and chances are high that they will buy it. Clicks are superior to shares, likes and comments.

You can scale with PPE ADS 

By the way, you can scale your winning products with PPE ads. Not a lot of people know this and do this, but one of the way you can scale is by OBJECTIVES. Instead of doing ads on purchase conversion, you can create a video ad, traffic to website, a PPE ads (these are the 3 that I always test first) in order to really milk your market to the maximum.

A lot of people think that just with purchase conversion, they will be able to reach ALL OF THEIR MARKET. What they don’t realize is that Facebook shows the ads to different people based on the objective (They probably know that, but didn’t realize that scaling by objective is powerful). So one of my method when it comes to scaling is that I take a few of my winning adsets and I create another version based on another objective. You can do this with a PPE ad.  At first it might seem counter-intuitive because Purchase conversion is clearly superior for getting people to buy, BUT when it comes to scaling, you want to SHOW YOUR ADS TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE YOU HAVE A PROVEN WINNER AND YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE YOU MAXIMIZE HOW MUCH MONEY YOU MAKE.


A lot of people get confused when it comes to the difference between link clicks and page post engagement because they are both useful depending on what you are trying to do. I hope I shared some light on the use of both of them in this post and I hope you learned a few things.

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