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In this post I’m going to explain to you how to deal with refunds when it comes to Drop shipping using Shopify and Aliexpress. It is super important that you do this properly and I know it can be confusing if you are just starting out this is why I created this blog post!


Refunds. How are you supposed to deal with them? At some point or another, one of your customers WILL ask for a refund.

The first thing you have to realize is there are two types of offers: Retails Offers & Free + Shipping Offers.

Free + Shipping offers is when you do a promotion in which you give away the product for FREE, but the customer has to pay for the shipping. Let’s say the item costs you $3 on Aliexpress and you charge $11 for the shipping, you still make a profit!

Now for Free + Shipping offers, I DON’T OFFER REFUNDS. Actually, it ever happened to be that someone asked for a refund on a free + shipping offer but if it happened, I would not offer a refund. I wrote on my website under my website policies that I don’t offer refunds on free products anyways.

On top of that, in the customer’s mind they are getting the product for FREE, but they have to pay for the shipping. If they want a refund because they don’t like the product, it means they got the product and they actually paid for the shipping anyways.

As I said it never happened to me that someone asked for a refund on a free + shipping offers but probably that if it happened and the client was really pushy, I would probably refund them anyways to be honest, but it is up to you.

Now when it comes to Retail offers, these are the offers with which you charge full price for the item.  Most of the time they have to pay for the product AND the shipping (unless you do some kind of promotion and offer the shipping for free).

For these types of offers, what you have to remember is this: The last thing you want is the client to ask for a refund. If they ask for a refund, you lose ALL the money. Here is how I do it:

If the client says the product is broken, I ask the client to take a picture of the broken item and I send the picture to the seller on Aliexpress. The seller will then send another unit to the client. I then tell the client I will send them another item for free AND they can choose any other item they want on my website.

Why do I do this? Because first of all the seller on Aliexpress will resend the first item FREE OF CHARGE (because it was broken), and the other item that the client wants will only cost me a few dollars anyways, which is WAY BETTER THAN REFUNDING THE MONEY THEY GAME ME, WHICH IS $50 IN THIS CASE. On top of that, this is good customer service and will make sure you don’t lose this customer in the future.

If you want to  learn more about drop shipping, make sure to read this article in which I explain everything in details: http://www.lifefreedomuniversity.com/shopify-drop-shipping-e-commerce-step-step-guide-make-passive-income-online-drop-shipping/

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