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What should your daily budget be for your Facebook ads when you are just starting out?


What daily budget to use for your Facebook ads

In my opinion you should start with $5 per day if you are just starting out! I even do 5$ when I create a brand new ad and I’m making a few thousand dollars per day with e-commerce. I know that there are plenty of people that start their ads with $10, $20 and even $50, but for me I still think the best way to do it is to start with $5 per day for your budget.

I usually recommend people to let their ads run at $5 per day for about 5 days, and then they will be able to see with the data they collected if they should raise their budget, lower it, or kill the ad completely.

With $5 per day for 5 days you should be able to know exactly if it is a good ad or not….It almost never happened to me (and I’ve tested this) to have a product that doesn’t sell well for one week and then all of a sudden becomes a massive winner.

The bottom line is that with $25 spent, you will have enough data.

Yes there are people out there who starts with much bigger number, but keep in mind that these people have MILLIONS to play with. For example I assisted to a conference in Singapore a few months ago about E-Commerce and one of the guy that organized it is making a few millions per month with E-commerce…He said he starts all of his ads with $50 no matter what! But what you have to realize is this guy first of all REALLY knows what he’s doing as he’s been doing E-commerce for 10 years, and he also makes so much money per day that for him it makes sense to starts his ads at $5. 

The bottom line is that if you are just starting out, YOU SHOULD START WITH $5 PER DAY FOR YOUR BUDGET.

Why not start with $25 directly?

Instead of waiting 5 days at $5 each, why not put the daily budget to $5 and only wait one day?

The answer is simple: Your adsets needs time to optimize correctly. It takes some time for Facebook to go through all of their data and find you people that are most likely to buy. This is why it is better to spend the $25 over a few days; it gives more time for your ads to optimize and to Facebook to find the right kind of people to whom they should show your ad.

Another reason is that different kind of people buy on different days. Some people buy on Mondays, others on Thursdays when they get their paycheck, some during the weekend, etc. If you let your ads run for one week, it gives you a much better representation of how the market reacts to your ad than if you only let it run for one day!

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