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One of the most important thing in the E-commerce business, is to comply with Facebook ads policy…If you don’t and get your account banned, you won’t be able to drive traffic from Facebook anymore and Facebook is one of the best place to drive traffic as of right now.


The last thing that you want is to get banned from Facebook. I know a few people that got banned from Facebook and they all have one thing in common: They didn’t now comply with Facebook ads policies.

I’m actually amazed by how few people took the time to read the Facebook ads policy.

If you are a real estate developer for example, and you want to build a new building…You will want to go and ask the city what the regulations are for that specific locations BEFORE you build the building. The last thing that you want would be the city to tell you when you are almost done building that you can’t do it that way and you have to do it all over again…IT IS THE SAME WITH E-COMMERCE.

Before you do Facebook ads, READ THE FACEBOOK ADS POLICY. Click Here to read it.

There are certain things you CAN’T DO on Facebook, certain pictures you can’t use, certain words you can’t use, and certain products you can’t promote…You could get BANNED if you do. This is the last thing that you want.

Look, I’m not trying to scare you here (Well, A little bit actually). Most of the time if Facebook doesn’t approve your ad they will simply remove the ad, and send you an e-mail with the reason why it was not approved. Sometimes what they say makes sense, and sometimes it doesn’t (You will see when you start doing a lot of ads).

I have absolutely no idea how they decide if they ban someone or not….The only thing that I know is that I don’t want to be banned and I’m kind of paranoid about it actually. I stay away from EVERYTHING that could get me banned.

For example, if you do an Ad for a free + shipping offer, you HAVE TO say somewhere that the client has to pay for the shipping. You can’t just say that the product is ¨ free ¨…If you do that, Facebook will probably won’t even approve your ad and it will not go live. That’s the BEST SCENARIO. The worst case scenario would be that they think you are trying to scam people and they ban your account.

I will always remember at some point I was trying to do a Facebook ads and I was trying to use this picture below:

I couldn’t understand why this ad kept getting declined. In my opinion there was nothing wrong with it…The title was perfect, the website I drove traffic too was perfect, the description was perfect…I had no idea what the problem was…The reason they gave me was really confusing too. I can’t remember exactly what their reason was, but I only remember it had NOTHING TO DO with the real reason.

Want to know why they kept refusing this ad? Because of the statue behind me. Yep, there is a shirtless lady in the background and in the eye’s of Facebook, it was like if I was using pornography in my ad. I actually got luck that they didn’t ban me because of this…I learned my lesson!

The bottom line is I highly encourage you to read the Facebook Ads Policy at least TWICE and to comply with EVERYTHING to make sure you never get banned.

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