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About to open a Shopify store and you don’t know what to name it? You need to read this blog post and watch this video!


Choosing a name for your Shopify store

My quick answer to this is to NOT OVERTHINK THIS! I see a lot of people NOT opening their store for WEEKS because they are trying to come up with the PERFECT name for their store…

You should not do this…The name of your store IS NOT THAT IMPORTANT, trust me.

Obviously you want to pick something that reflects what you are selling, so if you are selling cat accessories, don’t name your store : www.electronicaccessories.com , but don’t waste too much time coming up with a name for your store…It should take no more than a few hours for you to pick a name.

You have to realize this: Good products and good marketing are what is going to drive most of your sales….It is not your store name.

I remember one day I was in a marketing class when I was in university, and the teacher was asking us to think about how Coca-Cola became one of the biggest brand on earth…The teacher didn’t really know the answer (Nobody knows really), but he was just asking us to think about it and to come up with our own answers…

The teacher said that probably one of the reason is the name. Coca-Cola. It is super easy to remember, and it is catchy…The teacher was basically saying that  name played a a role in their success…

But the teacher also said that Coca-Cola was also spending about 4 billion dollars in marketing budget  every year on average, which is about 7% of their total sales…

So is it the name, or is it that they spend billions of dollars in marketing…?

In my opinion it is because they spend BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OVER MANY YEARS. Sure, the name probably helped, but it is all the marketing that they did (and the fact that they have a good product) that made them that successful.

In the end, having a good product and putting it in front of the right people is what will make you sales in this business, period.

Again, YES YOUR NAME MATTERS, and your name should DEFINITELY reflect what you are selling.

Know what kind kind of store you have and what kind of products you are selling

Do you have a general store or a niche store? What kind of products are you selling? High end? Low end? Keep this in mind when you name your store….It needs to reflects what you are selling.

I see a lot of stores with a name that is completely IRRELEVANT to the products that are being sold….This is a HUGE mistake because people will find it weird and they won’t trust the store and they won’t buy.

Try to name your store in a way that BEFORE PEOPLE EVEN CLICK ON YOUR WEBSITE, THEY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO SELL. Of course you won’t be able to do this in every market, but this is a good tip for naming your store.

What’s your competition doing?

Look at your competition! What are they doing? If something works well for them , it might work well for you also…so maybe it would be a smart idea to come up with something similar!

Again, do NOT overthink this…It shouldn’t take more than a few hours to come up with your store name!

Now when it comes actually finding a name for your store, there are a lot of tools out there…You could go to www.godaddy.com and try searching for a few domain names and they will automatically give you a few ideas.

You could also go to www.leandomainsearch.com to come up with a few ideas…

Or simply go in Google and do a search for ¨brand name idea generator¨ and you will see lots of websites that will help you come up with a good name.


Don’t overthink this…As I said it shouldn’t take you more than a few hours to do this. Good products and good marketing is what is going to bring you sales, not your store name.

The only thing you have to make sure is that your store name reflects the kind of products you are selling on your store.

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