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Should you use single optin or double optin? There are a lot of different opinions on this topic so it can be hard to figure out what YOU should do in your business. In this post I’m going to tell you exactly what I’m doing.


Single Optin vs Double Optin? Which one is the best? Double optin is when the person receive an e-mail after they optin that asks them to CONFIM they want to optin on your list.

A lot of people say that double optin is best because this will allow you to only have people that are actually interested in receiving e-mails from you…

The problem with double optin is there are a lot of people that won’t even see the e-mail asking them to confim they want to optin. 

I’ve tested both and for all of my businesses what I do is I use single optin and once in a while I clean my list. By cleaning my list what I mean is I send an e-mail to those that didn’t open an e-mail from me in a while asking them if they still want to receive e-mails from me. I send a few e-mails like this and then if they are still not responsive, I delete all of these people.

By doing this, I make sure that I don’t get penalized by Hotmail, Gmail, etc. If a lot of people don’t open your e-mails or if a lot of people complain about you, this raises your chances that all of your e-mails will end up in the junk mail section every time and this is the last thing that you want.

Now when it comes to e-commerce, here is how to do it: I want you to use Mailchimp. For everything else I use Aweber, but for E-commerce, USE MAILCHIMP!!!

The reason is really simple: With mailchimp, when someone adds a product to their cart, fill out their informations but then decide to not buy, THESE PEOPLE WILL STILL BE ADDED TO YOUR E-MAIL LIST. It is not like this with Aweber!! Just with Mailchimp!! This is why you should use Mailchimp!

By using mailchimp, the fact that everybody that adds a product to their cart but end up not buying gets added to your E-mail list is a HUGE BENEFIT. You will grow you e-mail list MUCH FASTER because of this and the bigger your e-mail list the better.

If you have an e-mail list of 50 000 people, every time you send an e-mail to your list promoting a product you will make a LOT of money. You don’t even have to pay for ads to reach them, this group of 50 000 people is a group of people that is clearly interested in your products and by just sending an e-mail you can reach them! I teach e-mail marketing in my E-commerce course because there is a LOT OF MONEY to be made using it!!

So just to make a little recap, for E-commerce I recommend you to use Single optin AND I recommend you to use Mailchimp!

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