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Website traffic is good, but should I block traffic from certain countries on my Shopify store? That is an excellent question! Continue reading or watch my video to find out what I have to say about website traffic and blocking traffic from certain countries.


Someone asked me: “Should I block traffic from certain countries on my Shopify store?”. I think that you should definitely block certain countries from buying from your store. However, it still depends on your strategy for your traffic.

Target the right countries and choose the right shipping option.

If you drive all of your traffic from Facebook ads, you don’t really need to do anything. When you create Facebook ads, you can target specific countries. I highly recommend people to always start with the United States when they start a new product. That is a proven market, and that’s what I do for every single product that I’m testing. But once it’s time to scale to make more money, I increase the budget and start testing other countries.

There are some people who target all countries. I never understand why they do that. Let’s say that you’re doing drop shipping, and you’re supplier uses ePacket to ship products to the United States. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the seller will also be able to ship to other countries like France, Australia or Hong Kong, and provide a tracking number. You have to make sure that your seller can ship the products to your target countries, in less than a month with a tracking number before you create your Facebook ads. If you don’t check the shipping options of your supplier, you’ll have problems with your customers.

There are times when your customers will ask for the status of their order because it has been a month and a half since they placed their order. However, you can’t provide any status because there’s no tracking number from the shipping option used by the supplier. If the customer files a claim with PayPal, you’ll be asked for a tracking number. If you can’t provide one, PayPal may close your account and you’re going to be out of business.

So remember, each country is different when it comes to shipping in Aliexpress. You have to make sure that for the countries that you’re targeting for your Facebook ads, you have a good shipping option to deliver your products to your customers. If your traffic is all coming from Facebook, you no longer need to block certain countries because your ads are only targeting specific countries. For example, you have Facebook ads targeting Canada or Australia, all of your traffic will only come from these countries. You can do the same strategy for Instagram ads.

When to block traffic from certain countries and how to do it.

If you have a Facebook page and you do SEO in order to rank into Google for certain keywords for people to find your website, most likely you’re going to get traffic from all around the world. If you use your Instagram account for marketing, by using hashtags, people will see your product. These people will access your page and buy your product. There’s no way to block certain countries from that strategy.

If you’re getting traffic from all around the world, you definitely need to block certain countries depending on the market that you’re in. In my experience, the top 3 countries that you should block are Indonesia, Malaysia, and Nigeria. There are apps that you can download in Shopify; just write “block countries”, and you’re going to see tons of results. Some apps are free, but there are also cheap ones (around $2 – $3). Those apps will allow you to block people based on their IP address.


Identify your marketing strategy. Research countries that your supplier can ship to. Make sure to find a good shipping options that ships fast (less than a month) and provides a tracking number. Create Facebook ads targeting specific countries. Lastly, install an app to block certain countries that do not fit your market.

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