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Today, I want to talk about a really common problem. A lot of people have trouble creating a custom audience based on all of the purchases that they’ve gotten for a product in their Shopify store.


Once you have a lot of add to cart or purchases, you want to create a similar audience based on these people so you can show your ads to more people. That is one of the ways to scale your ads.

Custom audience based on purchases

A lot of people have no issues creating a custom audience based on add to carts. However, a lot of people have trouble creating a custom audience based on purchases. It also happened to me a few times. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

The first thing that you have to be aware of is that you should not create a custom audience based on purchases if you only have less than 300 purchases. Your look-a-like audience is not going to be that good because you don’t have enough data. But if you have more than 300, then you can consider creating a custom audience and a look-a-like audience.

How to fix “audience is too small”?

Sometimes, even if you have more than 300, it still doesn’t work. It says “audience too small”. That is one of the most common problems that people have. When that happens, what you have to realize is that you should give time for Facebook to populate your audience. Even if you get the error message, you should leave it for at least a few hours. I’ve had cases where I waited for 2 days before I was able to create my custom audience. For a lot of people, when they see the red dot or alert, they think that it is not working so they delete the audience. If after 2-3 days, and it still doesn’t work, then you have a problem. So don’t freak out right away when you see the red alert message.

Custom audience based on website traffic

Another thing that people do is they create an audience based on website traffic. They choose past 180 days, select “purchase”, and put the URL of the product that they want to track. If after 2-3 days it doesn’t populate your audience, there are still other ways to do it.

Uploading customer file thru MailChimp and Shopify

You could export a .csv file. You could do it directly from your email provider. Let’s say you use MailChimp for your emails. There is a way in MailChimp where you can create a list based on all of the people that bought a certain product. Then, you’re going to go to Facebook ads and click on “create audience”. Then, you’re going to select “customer file”. You should be able to upload your .csv file. That’s how you upload your contacts in MailChimp.

You can also go to Shopify, click on “Orders” and you can already search for everybody who bought your product. Aside from that, you can also export a .csv file from Shopify. Then, go to Facebook, click on “create custom audience”, then choose “customer file”, and then upload your .csv file.

So there are multiple ways to create a customer audience – thru MailChimp or Shopify. sometimes both methods still do not work. It happened to me a couple of days ago. So what I did was, I downloaded a .txt file instead of a .csv file. I followed the same steps in uploading the file and it worked!


Sometimes you have to try a lot of things. Most people, when they try to create a custom audience based on purchases, they give up way too easily. For some reason Facebook is weird. There are a lot of technical issues with creating customer audience. That’s why I made this video to spread awareness about the issues and share ways on how to resolve them.

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