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Everything is doing great. I feel like the habit is strong and I can’t imagine myself waking up later than 5 AM anymore.You know to habit is getting strong when you associate a lot of pleasure with doing it and a lot of pain to not doing it.


This is why a good exercise to build a good habit is to simply make a list of all the benefits of having the habit and all the disadvantages of it. What I like to do is restructure every single one of the disadvantages. This come from CBT therapy and it works. The mission is to change how you feel about the habit and the best way to accomplish that is by changing how you feel about it by changing how you think.


Benefits of Waking up early:
-Increase my discipline
-Puts me in a good state for the rest of the day
-Get more done
-I’m already in the zone when people are just waking up
-Force me to go to bed early and not go out

Disadvantages of waking up early
-Have to go to bed early. New way of looking at it: This is good because it forces me not to go out.
-Require a lit bit of effort at first…..Which is good because everything worthwhile require efforts at first.
-Have to deal with other people. Lots of people trying to make me stop, have to argue with people all the time because they want to prove that it is useless…Which is perfect because it shows me which ones of the people that I know that understands success.

If you do a list like this everyday for the habit you are going to change, your brain will start to make these associations automatically and it will be much easier to change the habit.

One funny thing I’ve noticed by doing this challenge is how the hardest part is OTHER PEOPLE. It’s actually insane how other people feel threatened when you are trying to do something.

Ever heard that the 5 people you hang out the most with are a good representation of what you will become? Well, it is true. The reason is you will pick up their attitudes and their beliefs systems. If you go to a high school and hang out with people who think school is not important, chances are high you will start to see school as unimportant also…Why? Because you will hear them telling you REASONS why it is not important, without hearing reasons why it is important (Because you don’t hang out with people who think it is important). This is why you need to choose who you hang out with.

Since I wake up at 5 AM and I tell people about it, I’ve heard a lot of people telling me reasons why this idea is stupid. Here are a few things I heard
-It is too early
-You will do it for a while then stop, so why do it?
-You will have to go to bed earlier so it is useless
-You just need to be better at time management (which is funny because they know me and they know the lifestyle I have and how much money I make…and they are broke)

When I made the decision to eat super healthy the same thing happened. Some people told me :
-Why live this way? You won’t enjoy life
-You won’t be able to do it long term

Look, this people are not trying to hurt me, it is just human nature to express how you feel about something. The problem when you hang out with people that are not successful is they are going to influence how you think. You have to be aware of that or you will be easily influenced by them without even realizing it.

The bottom line is this: when you have a goal you have to block all the negative bullshit and focus on the positive. You have to remember that only a small % of people are successful out there, so you will have to block a lot of noise.

Please leave a comment below or let me know any questions you have.  I’d love to hear what you think!

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