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In this blog post I’m going to answer the question: What is the #1 thing you need in order to be successful with E-commerce.

This is a question I get often and this is why I decided to create this post. In my opinion, this is the #1 key to be successful with E-commerce and as a matter of fact with anything in life.


In order to answer this question, I’m going to talk about the mindset that someone needs  in order to be successful with E-commerce because when it comes to the technicalities, there are plenty of courses out there teaching step-by-step how to do it. I have a course called E-Commerce University, and  there are plenty of other courses out there also.
But even though there are plenty of courses out there, this doesn’t mean someone will necessarily become successful with Shopify. In the end, it is the MINDSET of the person going through the course that is important!
For example, In school when the teacher is teaching something, EVERYBODY in the class is getting the exact same information but only a few people will get 100%. Some will get 20%, some 40%, some 60%, some 80%, etc but only a few people will get 100%. When someone fails his exam, you never hear that same person say : ¨Oh, this is a scam, it doesn’t work, this teacher is simply not good and the system doesn’t work¨. Never! Why? Because when it comes to school, most people understand that if you study, if you do the exercises properly and if you invest a lot of time, you will succeed. 
When it comes to online marketing though, for some reason it is not like this. I saw over and over again people investing about 10 hours of their time trying a method, and most of the time they don’t even execute it properly, fail and then say that it is a scam and it doesn’t work. This is why 95% of people that try to make money online fail. 
In the end it is all about the mindset. Do you have a growth mindset? Meaning that you are aware that becoming good at E-commerce is a process, like getting 100% on a test. If you have a growth mindset, you know that you will need to watch the lessons more than once, you know that you will have to take notes, you know that you won’t be able to absorb all the knowledge the first time you go through the course. With a growth mindset you know that you will probably fail a few times, but in the end if you continue to EXECUTE PROPERLY you will succeed.
Or do you have a fixed mindset?….Someone with a fixed mindset doesn’t see the process behind success. They see everything in black or white. If they try something once and it doesn’t work it means it is a scam. Someone with a fixed mindset doesn’t see the point in watching the same video twice also….Which one do you have? A fixed or a growth mindset?
Another thing you need is proper execution. Again, in a class EVERYBODY will get the exact same instructions but only a few people will get 100%. Why do they have 100%? Because they did EXACTLY what the teacher told them to do. It’s this simple.
I do a lot of private coaching and I am always blown away but how some people are not executing properly. I coached one guy recently who invested thousands of dollars in E-commerce courses. He basically invested in all of the, including mine.
I then looked at his store and I was completely blown away. Everything he did was wrong. Not only did I teach the complete opposite in MY COURSE, but he also did the complete opposite of ALL THE OTHER COURSES ALSO, and I know because I’ve watched pretty much all of them!
When the guy came to me he said: ¨I’m about to give up, I tried EVERYTHING and nothing works, I think it is a scam ¨.
I was blown away. The guy did the exact opposite than what everybody is teaching and this guy thought that the whole industry was a scam. This is why I think the #1 key to be successful with E-commerce is your mindset. If your mindset is on point and you go through a good course, YOU WILL SUCCEED. It is all about PROPER EXECUTION.
Sometimes when I coach someone I don’t even need to go in their Ads manager to see what they do with their ads. Sometimes within the first one minute I can already tell why they don’t make a lot of sales. I clearly tell in my videos inside my coaching program that the website needs to look professional but a lot of people create these ugly looking website that don’t inspire trust. If your website doesn’t inspire trust, NOBODY will buy. Remember this: When it comes to selling online, the most important thing is trust.
When I tell them they need a better looking website, some of them tell me they think it doesn’t matter much….Do you see the pattern here? They don’t even listen! They ask for help but in the end they are not even listening. THIS IS, the difference between someone that will fail and someone that will succeed. 
My belief is this: If you copy EXACTLY what someone that is successful is doing, chances are high that you will get the exact same result.
This is the #1 thing you need to be successful : A good mindset. I don’t really care what course you decide to buy, because in the end they are all similar (Some are way too expensive for nothing though, you don’t need to spend more than $100). The ONLY THING THAT MATTERS, is are you going to take notes as you watch the videos? Are you going to watch some videos twice at least? Are you going to spend a lot of hours mastering this skills? That’s the only thing that matters in the end! If you execute the system properly you will succeed at drop shipping using Shopify using Aliexpress this and you will make a lot of money!

If you are looking for more, or are wanting to seriously pursue making money with e-commerce, then I want to invite you to join my E-commerce University Program.


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You will learn EVERYTHING you need to know to be successful with e-commerce/dropshipping in this program. I leave nothing out and I am 100% transparent! I share with you exactly what I do with my stores, and even how to scale this business by automating and outsourcing the whole process by hiring virtual assistants! You will learn how to pick a good niche, good products,how to do Facebook ads, Instagram ads, advanced promotions strategies and much much more. This is the exact system I used on all of my stores.

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